Work placements are offered across many courses at DMU. You may have mandatory placements that you will need to undertake to gain your professional qualification. Or perhaps an opportunity to complete a 12 month sandwich placement. We have the information that you need to know.

A fee of £650 by home/EU students and £750 by all international students is payable by those undertaking a placement year.


Mandatory placements

A mandatory placement is a period (or periods) of course-integrated professional experience required by the relevant professional body associated with your course.

Optional sandwich placements

A sandwich placement is an additional year between your second and third year of study where you can gain valuable, relevant work experience working for an employer. Evidence shows employers are more likely to recruit a graduate who has undertaken a placement. So why not give yourself the best possible chance of landing your dream job when you graduate? Placements are a great experience and an important stepping stone in building your career.

Placement benefits

Most of our courses have the option of a credit bearing placement year. Please check with your relevant team to find out about yours. This means you will earn academic credits from the placement that go towards your final degree mark. Students who go on placements also have the chance of being fast-tracked for graduate recruitment with the same organisation. This could mean you have a graduate job under your belt before you even take your finals.

The world is full of opportunities

Placements do not have to be limited to the UK. You can go anywhere in the world, as long as the University has checked the placement and deems it to be safe. Previous students have spent time in Europe, America, China and countries in Africa. It will, however, be important to make sure you can cover the extra costs of working abroad, including potential visa costs. Planning ahead is essential.

Where can I find more information?

From the moment you join DMU there are many exciting opportunities for you to enhance your professional skills. All these opportunities will help to prepare you for competitive placement recruitment processes in your second year. Make a start now and explore our advice for first year students.

If you are a second year undergraduate student or an MSc student thinking about a placement then why not discover everything that you need to know.

If your dream is to run your own business, you could explore our enterprise placement year, giving you the opportunity to spend a   year exploring, setting up and running your own business. Spaces are limited so don’t delay in applying.

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