Mandatory placements

Healthcare Science (Audiology) BSc (Hons)

Students on this programme undertake mandatory placements in both NHS and private sector. Students will develop their clinical and professional skills.  You will work with a range of people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Over the duration of the programme you will spend up to 50 weeks in placement. Possible placement sites are located across a wide geographical area. The university cannot guarantee where your placement will be.

Midwifery (Pre-registration Midwifery) BSc (Hons)

Placement opportunities

Placements take place at NHS hospitals, midwifery-led units and community areas. This offers you a variety of experience. There are also opportunities in innovative aspects of midwifery practice, such as case-holding practice, from the end of the second year.

Crucial information

You are mentored by a different midwife in each placement. Work patterns can include nights, weekends and on-call duties. This provides you with full understanding of total midwifery care. Midwifery lecturers are all practising midwives, and participate in student assessment.

An elective period is included in your second year. This is an opportunity to witness maternity care in a different social, cultural and organisational environment. During this you will act as a representative of De Montfort University.

The elective is scheduled at a specific point in your programme and it cannot be undertaken at another time.

Nursing with Registration BSc (Hons) – all branches (Adult, Child, Mental Health, Learning Disability)

50 per cent of the course is based in clinical practice. You are required by the NMC to complete at least 2,300 hours of practice learning.  You will be working towards achieving practice competencies and demonstrating appropriate professional conduct.   

Details of the placement

They are based in a variety of:

  • Acute and community health environments
  • Social care settings including caring for individuals in their own homes
  • Includes a range of different shift patterns across a 24 hour cycle
  • Placements are organised in blocks of at least four weeks duration.
  • Placements are in Leicester, Leicestershire, and neighbouring counties

In your placement you will work alongside a mentor to learn the practical application of nursing relevant to your chosen field of nursing practice.

Physician Associate Studies MSc

First year

This programme includes some short placements in a local hospital.

Second year

Predominantly placement-based, and you will spend approximately 41 weeks on clinical placement.

What you need to know

Placements will be provided in general practice, community and acute hospital settings. Most placements will be in Leicestershire; however some will be in the wider East Midlands area.  It will be the student’s responsibility to arrange travel to placement locations. All placements are a mandatory component of the programme.

Social Work MA

Placement requirement

Students complete 200 days of practice learning. 30 of those days are delivered on campus, throughout the programme, as skills days. Students also undertake two mandatory placements, a 70 day placement and a 100 day placement.  Both taking place after the first year of study has been completed.

Social Work placements are usually based in Leicestershire or Leicester City, although exceptionally placements may be in a neighbouring area.

Where can I do a placement?

Placements are located in a wide range of settings including:

  • Statutory social services teams,
  • Hospitals,
  • Residential care settings,
  • Fieldwork settings,
  • Various voluntary sector agencies

Who will I work with?

The range of service user groups you will potentially work alongside include:

  • Children and young people
  • Adults with mental health needs
  • Older people
  • People with physical and learning disabilities

Speech and Language Therapy BSc (Hons)

This programme includes mandatory placements. It is an essential component for the completion of the course. They will necessarily involve all students travelling to placements across the East Midlands.

Placement information

Students on this programme will develop their clinical and professional skills in a variety of weekly and block placements. These will be based mostly in the East Midlands.

Placements are typically provided by:

  • The NHS
  • Educational establishments
  • Social care settings
  • Private providers.

Students will be working with clients from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds of all ages. Students will have to abide by the protocols associated with work-based learning, e.g. uniform and dress code policy, confidentiality, information governance.

Timings and length of placement

Year One

Terms one and two child language groups (10 weeks), adult conversation partners (10 weeks), learning difficulties (five days)

Year Two

Term one - placement in the DMU Speech and Language Therapy Clinic, one day per week.

Term three - block placement (five weeks)

Two days of dysphagia placement

Year Three

Term two - Speech and Language Therapy block placement (10 weeks) 

Youth Work and Community Development BA (Hons)

Placements provide the opportunity to have hands-on experience and to learn directly from working professionals.

First year

Students undertake approximately 120 hours of supervised practice. This is to support and empower young people in the wider community. This takes place in settings from youth and community centres to schools and voluntary organisations. You will provide informal education programmes to stimulate creativity and learning.

Second and third years

This involves approximately 320 hour assessed practice placement. Students will gain experience in an exciting range of organisations and projects. Areas you could work on include:

  • Mentoring
  • Advice and guidance
  • Youth justice
  • Homelessness
  • Drug and alcohol misuse
  • Global youth work
  • Arts and sports based work

In addition to the above, third year students will develop two additional areas:

  • Development of Service Provision
  • Leadership and Management

Please note, that there may be travel costs associated with placement attendance.

Employer-based students

The first placement is with their employer and the practice placement is in a new work environment.

Youth Work, Health and Community Development PQ MA/PG Dip

Required hours

600 hours of assessed practice whilst working with a supervisor approved by the university. For most students 450 of these hours are completed in their usual place of work (paid or otherwise). Ideally this is over approximately seven months, followed by a 150 hours alternative practice. 150 hours are completed in a contrasting work setting over a period of approximately six months.

Help available

Full time students will be offered help to identify a suitable placement for both practices if required. Part-time students are helped to identify an alternative practice although most students find somewhere suitable themselves.

Appropriate supervision

All placements and supervisors need to be approved by the university. Help is available to identify a suitable supervisor if required. The university aims that the placements will enable students to provide suitable evidence of their competence in the practice standards.

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