First year placement information

As a first year it is great that you have started to explore the journey you will need to go on to secure a placement. The more that you can prepare this year the easier the process will be next year.


What should I do now?

If you want to undertake a placement you will need to complete the Essential Placement Skills online module. This is located on MyGateway under the My Career Builder section. Once there just search for placements and you will find specifically chosen advice and guidance for you. You will also have access to a CV guide. Use this information to create your draft CV, ready for your first one-to-one.

Actions for after Christmas

The placement teams recommend that after January you start to book one-to-one appointments. You will receive advice on tailoring your CV for the perfect role. You can also start to shape your cover letters that will accompany your applications. Please note the team will provide you with the knowledge and tools to do this yourself.

Not sure what I want to apply for?

Our recommendation is that you start looking on MyGateway at the different placement roles that are advertised throughout the year.   There is a good chance that it will be re-advertised the following year when you are looking to apply. Knowing what skills an employer is after early, enables you time to gain them, ready to wow them on your application.

Top tips for first year students

  • The earlier you start preparing the easier you will find your second year
  • Try to gain some work experience relevant to the area that you are interested in
  • Try to get head office experience if you job role will be placed there
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