How do I decide what to do next?

I am unsure what I want to do at this point in time for a career or my next opportunity. First thing is not to panic. A great career could involve combining your interests, skills and values into a meaningful role that brings out the best in you. Check out the diagram below and think about what matters to you, your interests and your skills, and how these combine into a potential focus. Click on the recommended links to find out more about what we offer. If you need extra support, please book an appointment with one of our team here on MyGateway.

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Two male students talking
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Start here

  1. Look at the model below and the examples given
  2. Think about what you would put into each of the sections
  3. Think about how these can work together in certain roles
  4. Think about how you could combine all three as a focus
  5. Use the section below to find out how you can develop these


 Values - What matters to you?


Doing something that matters to you can be a powerful motivator and a guide to the right career move.
Think about what is important to you.


How we can help!

Skills - What are you good at? 


The chances are you have great skills already from your life experience so far. Do you know what your skills are and the value of these to employers? How do you develop more?


How can we help!

Interests - What are you into? 


We all have our own interests and things that we care into. These can be a great indication to what we would be happy working on in our lives?


How can we help!

We recommend getting involved in things that matter to you.Click on the links below to find out about our fantastic volunteering projects:

DSU volunteering


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We recommend developing a strong awareness of your skills. Click below to find out more about our fantastic projects designed to develop your skills:




Start a business

Temporary work





My Career Builder 
(access via MyGateway)


We recommend developing your interests by trying out and exploring new things. Click below to find out about our fantastic projects to build your interests:


DSU societies


DSU Unipals




Start a business






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