Tips for finding work outside the UK

If you are looking to return to your home country to work or search for opportunities globally after your studies, it will be much easier if you have a clear idea of what you are looking for.

You will also need to do some research on what the job market is like in that country for your particular field of interest. There are several approaches that can help you, including:


#DMUglobal is a unique international experience programme, which aims to enrich your studies and expand your cultural horizons – helping you become global graduates, equipped to meet the needs of employers across the world.

Through #DMUglobal, we offer a wide range of opportunities including on-campus and UK activities, overseas study, internships, faculty-led field trips and volunteering, as well as Erasmus+ and international exchanges.

As part of our dedication to providing an unrivalled student experience and excellent employability, #DMUglobal is set to become the most comprehensive international experience programme available at any UK university. 

Visit the #DMUglobal website

Going Global

Going Global, provides an extensive database of live employment opportunities around the world, and aims to help you to have an international experience during your degree or to work internationally after you graduate.

Going Global is a great resource for all DMU students and graduates looking to explore career opportunities in a new country. You can search thousands of vacancies, including internships, placements and graduate jobs, which are updated every day and also access to over 40 country guides, including China and India. Going Global offers you access to job vacancy websites, job application and interview tips and cultural and relocation tips.

Country profiles on Going Global contain:

  • Job vacancy websites
  • Job application and interview tips
  • Cultural and relocation tips

To access Going Global, log into your MyGateway account.

Graduates and Alumni: 

If you are a recent graduate and used MyGateway when you were a student, you can still use the same login details as the system will recognise you as a graduate. If you graduated some time ago and never accessed MyGateway before, please go to, where you can register as a graduate user.

Further options to finding work outside the UK

  • Make contact with university Alumni networks, particularly international networks to ask former students about employment market developments
  • Check if The British Council has also developed an alumni network for your country, e.g. the Association of British Scholars India
  • Use your personal network of friends, colleagues, acquaintances and family to find out about potential opportunities

Investigate professional bodies for your chosen field and see if there is a student or graduate membership, which will enable you to attend events and meet other professionals.

Grad Link UK

GradLink UK is a specialist careers website designed for students and graduates  interested in working in other countries.

It includes jobs, links with major graduate employers, in-depth advice and the latest news and events relating to the graduate labour markets across the following countries:  


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