Staff travel options

We are committed to supporting our staff and students to travel to work in a safe and sustainable manner. As such, we have put in place a number of initiatives designed to encourage and facilitate the use of sustainable modes of travel.

For further information about travelling to DMU, please click on the tiles below.

Public TransportCyclingWalking

Car Parking Electric vehicles

 If you would like support planning your journey to De Montfort University or would like further information about any of the sustainable travel initiatives we offer, please contact

Promoting sustainable modes of transport forms part of De Montfort University's commitment to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and contributes to meeting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.


Personalised Travel Planning

Personalised travel support is available to all members of De Montfort University staff. To apply for a free, personalised travel plan, please complete and return this form.


Choose How You Move

Visit the Choose How You Move website for travel information in Leicester and Leicestershire. Explore the possible options now and see what a difference it could make to your travel around the county.


De Montfort University Travel Plan

De Montfort University's Phase Four Travel Plan sets out the university's targets for promoting and facilitating sustainable travel.

The specific actions and initiatives aimed at helping us to achieve these targets can be found in the Phase Three Travel Action Plan.


Annual Travel Plan Progress Report

Each year, De Montfort University reports the progress it has made towards meeting the targets set out in the Travel Plan.

You can read the latest Travel Plan Progress Report here.