Parking FAQ's

Am I guaranteed a car parking space?

It is not possible to guarantee car parking spaces for permit holders. 

I have made an error on my permit application form, what should I do?

Please email the Estates Helpdesk

Can I change my permit type or payment option?

Yes, to request a different permit type or payment option, within the permit year. Please email the Estates Helpdesk.


Can I apply for a parking permit if I live within the Campus Exclusion Zone?

Members of staff living within the Campus Exclusion Zone, with specific needs requiring a parking permit, may submit a Campus Exclusion Zone Appeal Form outlining  those needs and incorporating a clear justified case as to why public transport or alternative methods of getting to / from the campus are unviable. Your appeal must be supported by your Dean / Director. Please note, Dean / Director support does not guarantee approval; the final decision regarding the issuing of a permit, including the permit type, lies with the Director of Estates & Facilities.

Please complete a Campus Exclusion Appeal Form via the 'My Car Park' tile on the DMU Hub. If you do not have access to the DMU Hub please complete an offline application form.

What happens if I park on campus without a permit?

Signage has been erected on all car parks, giving warnings that cars parked without a valid permit are liable to a parking charge of £80 (reducing to £40 if paid within 14 days). Charges will be issued to vehicles not displaying a valid permit or in other ways contravening the policy (i.e. misuse of disabled bays, vehicles blocking exits). 

What if I leave DMU employment or want to give up my permit?

Permit costs are automatically calculated by payroll, and, in the instance of monthly payments will automatically cancel at the end of your last month of service. If you need a refund on advance payments then please bring the permit back to the Estates Services Building Reception. Your originally supplied DMU Cashiers receipt will be handed back to you, for you to seek a refund as necessary from the DMU Cashiers Office. 

What if I change my salary or my working hours changes?

The charges for each member of staff are calculated according to the information provided on the application (fraction of FTE and salary). These cannot be altered mid permit year.

If I apply for my permit within the permit year how much will it cost?

The overall cost will be as detailed in the Vehicle Parking & Cycle Policy, but you will only pay for the remaining months of the car parking year. The cost will include the complete month of your permit approval and subsequent months for the remainder of the permit year.

As a holder of a building specific car park permit, should my building specific car park become full will I be able to park elsewhere?

Yes, you may park in any other designated car park excluding Beaumont Park or Trinity House. Unless your permit is only valid for one of these car parks. Permits do not guarantee parking spaces. 



What happens if I lose my permit?

A replacement permit can be applied for and will cost £15, purchase from the online store. Please visit the Estates Services Building Reception to collect your permit once payment has been made. 

What is the car parking permit year?

The car parking permit year runs from 1st September to 31st August inclusive. 

When does the new application window for the next permit year open?

The new application window runs from the 11 of May to the 17 July inclusive. The permit will then be valid from the 1st September to the 31st August the year after.

How quickly will my application be processed?

Car park permit applications will be automatically approved, aside from the following categories:

  • Applications from members of staff within the DMU campus exclusion zone.
  • Applications for Local Authority Blue Badge Disabled Permits, DMU Assessed Needs Permits.

Applications for the above categories will require you to supply further information. This will be outlined in the acknowledgement email following your application submission. If you are a Unitemps; Chartwell’s; DSU and other agency member of staff (including contracted staff) then this information will be requested on your application form. Further information can be found in the Vehicle Parking & Cycle Policy.