Staff Engagement Survey

Nearly nine out of ten (88%) DMU employees feel that the university “is a good place to work”, while a slightly higher percentage (89%) feels “proud to work” here.  An even higher proportion (92%) said that DMU “delivers a good quality service to students and others.”

These are some of the findings of the staff survey held towards the end of last year, the first such survey since 2012. More than half of all DMU employees (52%) responded to the survey, according to the results published today. The survey, run by Capita, includes a table of comparison of DMU’s results against a Higher Education (HE) sector average, indicating that in 14 out of 19 key categories DMU figures score higher, with the other five equalling sector averages.

Among the other results of the staff survey:

  • 87% of respondents would “recommend the university as a place to work” (against 84% HE benchmark level)
  • Four out of five (80%) feel satisfied with the support received from their line manager, with 74% feeling their managers helped them find “a good work-life balance”
  • More than four out of five respondents (81%) “are willing to help each other even if it means doing something outside their usual activities”

In the week that DMUfreedom is launched, it is clear that among the strongest results were those that reflected the university’s commitment to equality and diversity. Awareness of issues was high: for example, 98% of all respondents are satisfied with their “level of awareness of equality and diversity issues and how to react appropriately with colleagues and students”.

The survey also highlighted areas where respondents felt DMU could do more. Some feel that they have had to “put in a lot of extra time in the last 12 months to meet the demands of… [their]… workload”. Nearly two thirds of respondents (65%) feel that “too many approvals are needed for routine decisions.” Over half of respondents believe they “are required to do unimportant tasks which prevent…[them]…completing more important ones”.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Dominic Shellard said: “These are striking and very pleasing results indicating an extraordinary level of dedication and commitment to excellence on the part of all staff at DMU. Of course, there is still work to be done and I hope that all colleagues will continue to make their views known through local briefings so that we can continue to improve the university. But for now everyone should be proud of the picture these results paint of an open, engaged and mutually supportive working environment at DMU. I would like to thank everyone who took time to respond to the survey and all colleagues for their tremendous contribution to our work at DMU.” 

An overview of results will be presented in each Faculty and Directorate. These will be followed by a series of staff forums which we are calling “We Said, Let’s Do”, where we can come together to develop ideas to make DMU a better place to work.

To see the staff survey report, please click here.



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