The Senior Staff Appraisal (MAX) form will prompt you to engage in the following four stages:


  1. A date for the meeting is agreed and entered into the first part of the online form.  NB – the system does not synchronise with Outlook so you will need to send a meeting request separately
  2. The appraisee spends time thinking about how their objectives of the last 12 months have gone, what barriers have been encountered and what they intend to achieve next year 
  3. The appraisee completes the online form to help them record their thoughts 
  4. The appraisee invites their appraiser (via an automated prompt generated by the system) to see their comments by sharing the form with them 
  5. The appraiser looks at the online form and reflects on what has been said. This is also the opportunity to not only consider their response but also any other items they wish to raise 


  1. Use the form as an ‘agenda’ for the review discussion 
  2. Try to break the discussion down into a process of ‘reflection’ and ‘planning’ firstly looking back on how things have gone, last year’s achievements/successes, objectives and any barriers encountered, then looking ahead to the next period 
  3. Both the appraiser and appraisee should agree and record any actions arising from the discussions
  4. Agree the proposed objectives for the forthcoming year 
  5. Agree how you are going to review these objectives once the appraisal discussion is over. You may choose, for example, to review them as part of a more regular meeting format that you already have in place



  1. Ensure that both parties complete the ‘actions’ section at the end of the form
  2. Complete the ‘appraisee final comments’ and ‘appraiser final comments’ sections of the form and ‘share’ the contents with each other 
  3. Once both parties are happy with the final form, clicking the ‘Complete’ button will lock and save the content

Review and action

  1. The online form has a ‘notes’ feature – as with any notebook, you can use this at your discretion to record progress against an objective, upload evidence or simply record how you think things are going. You can choose to keep this private or share it with your appraiser



View the following document to see the Senior Staff Appraisal (MAX) Process Map:

Process Map pdf(304 kb)


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