Senior Staff Appraisal (MAX)


What is it?

An online form for conducting reviews which will be available to all senior staff.

Senior Staff Appraisal (MAX) is a process of reflection and planning. Some of this takes place before the meeting, some immediately afterwards and then some throughout the year in the form of mid-year reviews. Whilst a meeting takes place on a particular date, the process should be seen as more ongoing and fluid than this.

An online system has been created to support the reflection and planning process that enables the right things to happen in the right order, such as completion of a form; a meeting; and a set of recorded outcomes. You are able to return to this throughout the year and a record of your reviews will be stored in a single place, providing easy access from any internet connected device.

The online form

In developing this web based system, extensive consultation and feedback has been obtained from a number of HE institutions across the UK and abroad.

The online form will:

  • Remind you via email when it is time to set up your 1:1 meeting
  • Give you access to an online form for you to complete
  • Allow your reviewer to see this form before the meeting
  • Record the views of the appraiser
  • Be stored and ‘locked’ - an agreed record for you to refer to at any time in the future.

The ability of people to ‘see’ forms within this new web based process is unaltered from the traditional paper process, i.e. it is only the ‘appraiser’ (and line manager, if not the appraiser) and the ‘appraiser's manager’ that will be able to see forms. 

Launch the Senior Staff Appraisal (MAX) form