These Guidance Notes describe the current process for the Senior Staff Appraisal (MAX) and are intended for information purposes only.

The guidance and the process described do not form part of individuals’ contracts of employment and may be amended by the university from time to time.

Senior staff will be notified in writing of any change to the guidance or the process in advance of those changes taking effect.

Please either download the full guidance notes or the quick guidance document. 

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Glossary of Terms


Motivate, Appraise, Xcel

Personal Development Plan.  Section of the Senior Staff Appraisal Scheme that requires an individual to outline their personal development requirements which will underpin their success in their role. This also includes outlining the required behaviours and potential inhibitors that may impact on success. There is also the opportunity to feed in any career aspirations.

Performance Review Cycle
Annual appraisal cycle which includes the objective setting process, mid-year review and end of year review.

Objective Setting
Conducted 1st June – 31st August. Each individual will be asked to set a number of core strategic leadership objectives to describe how they intend to contribute to the wider goals of the university. A series of local objectives will then be established focusing on the key priorities of the forthcoming year. These will be agreed between the appraisee and the appraiser.

Mid-Year Review
Conducted 1st February – 31st March. First Formal review meeting to review progress against original objectives and development with the opportunity to add to these or amend.

End of Year Review
Conducted 1st June – 31st August. The last formal review meeting of the annual cycle. The focus is to build on the mid-year discussions and to examine how individuals have met the objectives agreed.

Senior Staff Salary Review. This takes place between September and October and is the process by which any salary or bonus recommendations are made. A series of moderation panels are held based on Faculty/Directorate recommendations with any payments being included in November pay.

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