National Insurance contributions increases from April 2016

With 2016 now upon us, many HE institutions are in the process of preparing for a range of changes and challenges relating to pensions provision across the sector. These include significant reforms to USS pension schemes in April. In addition, we know that the State pension reforms in April 2016 will impact on all HE sector employers as contracting-out for defined benefit schemes is abolished. This will mean that employees in these schemes – and the employer - will pay higher (ie standard rate) National Insurance (NI) contributions. 

Changes to NI are due to the Government introducing a new single tier State Pension that is designed to be both fairer and simpler to understand. While the Government is taking some steps to explain the new State Pension, there is nothing to explain the consequent changes to NI for members of defined benefit pension schemes. Employers are responsible for alerting employees to these changes, and the implications of increased NI contributions on their monthly pay packet. To see further information please click here.

Salary Scales (academic and professional services)

Most staff salaries are aligned with the University's Single Salary Pay Spine. The pay award is nationally negotiated and is usually applied to the scales on the 1 August each year; however, dates can vary depending on national and local agreements.

Staff on the single spine are also given annual increments, which take effect from April for professional services and September for academic staff (until they reach the top of their grade). The first increment for new starters depends on their start date.

Here is the latest version of the hourly paid academic rates.

Senior Staff Salary Review

This Performance Management Process, otherwise referred to as a "MAX Plan", is an annual process for senior colleagues to set objectives for the year ahead, to reach agreement on their plan with their Line Manager, keep track of how they are doing and review how well they have achieved at the end of the year.

In addition to its performance management and developmental aims, MAX has also been adopted as a more systematic, open and transparent process for senior staff to review their level of achievement in the year with their Head/Dean, for communication to the member of the Executive Team responsible for the salary review process in their area.

This process provides him/her with the information on which to base a recommendation to the Vice Chancellor about year-end salary increases for senior colleagues in those areas for which he/she is responsible.

The process usually begins during the Spring, with any approved salary recommendations taking effect from 1st August the same year.

For further information, please visit the people management handbook.


Recruitment and Retention Premium (RRP) Payments Policy 

This policy sets out the circumstances and process to be followed where a recruitment and retention premium (RRP) payment is being considered for executive and senior staff. Please click here to view the policy.

Academic Staff

Academic staff salaries increase in annual increments which are due on 1st September each year until the top of the salary grade is reached. To be eligible for an increment, new members of academic staff must have achieved six months' service by 1st September of that year. New starters with fewer than six months' service will receive an increment on 1st September the following year.

Professional Services

Professional services staff salaries increase in annual increments which are due on 1st April each year until the top of the salary grade is reached. A new starter commencing employment between 1 April - 1 October will receive an increment on 1st April the following year. Those commencing employment between 2 October - 31 March will receive an increment six months from their start date.

Premium Payments for Professional Services Staff

Additional Payments and Honorarium Policy

Policy on incentivising staff to engage in Research and innovation activity 

On-Call and Call-Out Policy

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