This list is intended to help you plan your time before you travel to the UK and identifies the main things you need to consider before arrival. The information displayed is a checklist to help you before and whilst you are working in the UK.

• Arrange short term accommodation.
• Prepare essential items for travel to the UK.
• Choose essential items to bring to the UK.
• Arrange flight and transport to final destination.
• Find somewhere to live/accommodation.
• Know how to stay safe.
• Save money for rental deposit.
• Research childcare and schooling.
• Arrange transport for personal possessions if applicable.
• Prepare for culture shock.
• Apply for a visa to work in the UK.


To get information from existing international members of staff, click the play button on the video screen to instantly watch a short clip.



Moving to the UK is a very individual experience. It is important to prepare for the move as fully as possible, yet remember to remain flexible and enjoy the adventure! Dr. Feng Su, Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University specialises in cross-cultural learning contexts and learning development in higher education. He is Editor of Chinese Learning Journeys: chasing the dream, a book that features eight students from mainland China as they chart their learning journeys across national and continental boundaries and socio-cultural contexts.




  • Research and plan practical matters as much as you can.
  • Make arranging accommodation and bank accounts a priority.
  • Remember there may be taxes to pay in the UK that you do not pay in your home country.
  • Be aware that you may need to change your way of working.
  • Reflect on your experiences!
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