Sick Pay Entitlement


Sick Pay Entitlement pdf(25 kb)


Occupational Sick Pay for all Staff Groups (except Bank Staff)


During first year of service During second year
of service
During third year
of service
During fourth year of
service and after

Full pay 1 month


After 4 months

Full pay 1 month

Half pay 2 months

Full pay 3 months

Half pay 3 months

Full pay 4 months

Half pay 4 months

Full pay 6 months

Half pay 6 months


Calculation of Allowance

APT&C Staff

The rate of allowance and the period for which it shall be paid in respect of any absence due to illness shall be ascertained by deducting from the period of benefit appropriate to the employee’s service on the first day of their absence the aggregate of the periods of absence due to illness during the twelve months immediately preceding the first day of absence. In aggregating the periods of absence no account shall be taken of any unpaid absence of sick leave.

Academic Staff

For the purposes of calculating entitlement to sick leave the year shall be deemed to begin on 1st April of each year and end of 31st March of the following year provided that, in the case of a lecturer whose service commences on a date other than 1st April, such service shall be deemed for the purpose of this scheme, to have commenced on the preceding 1st April subject to the completion of four calendar months’ actual service before half pay can be claimed, and provided also that in the case of the lecturer who is absent owing to illness on 31st March of any year, such a lecturer shall not begin new entitlement to sick leave in respects of the following year until he or she has resumed teaching duty, the period from 1st April until the return to duty deemed to be part of the preceding year for the purpose of this scheme. In the case of a lecturer transferred from the service of one HEI to that of another, any sick pay paid during the current year by the previous HEI shall be taken into account in calculating the amount and duration of sick pay payable by the new HEI. 

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