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DMU is offering salaried employees the opportunity to subscribe to insurance that provides a measure of compensation for loss of their car insurance no claims bonus and excess when their private motor vehicles are involved in accidents whilst they are parked at, or commuting to and from, their place of work.

The insurance is provided via Arthur J. Gallagher insurance brokers and DMU is the policy holder.

Features of the scheme, including details of its operation at DMU, are set out below:



Loss of, or reduction in, no claims bonus and/or payment of car insurance excess under your personal motor policy containing both of these provisions. Maximum total cover for any one claim is £600.



The no claims bonus reduction is calculated on the gross annual premium and scale of bonus in place at the time of the accident, with a maximum payable of £350 or the amount of the damage if less than the bonus reduction.

Settlements in respect of car insurance excess are made where the amount of the damage is the same, or exceeds, the amount of the excess, subject to a limit of £250.



Employees will have two windows within which to join or leave the scheme during each year of operation. This year, the windows will be as follows:

  • 10 April 2017 – 24 April 2017 for cover to commence from 1 May 2017.
  • 2– 16 October 2017 for cover to commence from 1 November 2017.

Insurance cover will then continue on a rolling basis until an individual requests to leave the scheme or leaves salaried employment with DMU.



Commences from 1 May or 1 November, subject to DMU confirming to the broker the names of the employees participating in the scheme prior to these dates and prior to an accident occurring for which a claim is made.


Personal Car Insurance - Business use

Individuals who use their own cars on university business are required to have their cars insured for business use under their personal car insurance arrangements.  This scheme will not substitute the requirement for individuals who use their cars for university business to hold business use personal car insurance.



The cost of cover will be £20.00 plus £2.00 Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) in the first year. Therefore, the total amount of £22.00 will be deducted from your salary annually.



Salaried employees should send a copy of the attached form from their personal DMU email account to, indicating that they wish to join the scheme. Alternatively, employees can print a copy of the form and provide a completed hard copy to the HR Services Team (1st Floor, Eric Wood Building) in an envelope clearly marked “Protect Your No Claims”.

Please note that, in order to ensure the viability of the scheme, the ability to offer this opportunity is subject to a minimum take-up.


Current Members

If you are a current member of the scheme, your membership will automatically continue unless you notify us using the correct form during one of the administration windows detailed above.



Claim forms can be obtained by emailing These should be completed, signed, dated and a scanned copy returned to the same email address. Alternatively, a hard copy can be provided in person to the HR Services Team.



Ansvar Insurers.

If you require more information regarding the details of the scheme, you can speak to a member of the Arthur J Gallagher team on 01271 345 005 or by emailing


Request to join scheme (20kb)

Request to leave scheme (19.9kb)

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