Workload: Guidance for Determining Fair & Reasonable Workloads, Lecturers in HE*


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Document of Agreement




Document of Agreement

Whilst teaching is a fundamental part of the job of a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer or Principal Lecturer the University management and trade unions acknowledge that the 1990/91 National Agreement and the contracts resulting from that agreement recognise that there are other aspects of the role which are part of the duties of the above staff and must be taken into account in building up the overall working hours. These other duties are referred to in section 1.2.1 of the agreed National text of the Policies and Procedures Handbook.

Anyone who is carrying a major managerial/administrative responsibility, for example, as a Course Leader or Admissions tutor would not be expected to carry out 550 hours of formal scheduled teaching in a year.

The Annual Holiday entitlement is 35 working days in addition to which there are eight statutory days, and four* additional days designated by the University (two extra statutory days plus two concessionary days) (section 7 of the contract). The remainder of the year comprises the working year including periods of research and scholarly activity (see sections 6 and 8 of the Contract).

Section 1.3 of the agreed National Text of the Policies and Procedures Handbook offers guidance in respect of working hours whilst saying it is not appropriate in a professional contract to be specific as to the exact hours of availability for duties. It also indicates that in respect of the obligation to undertake research and other scholarly activity that obligation will not necessarily require attendance at the institution.

In building up a fair and reasonable workload, therefore, one must take into account the hours of formal scheduled teaching which section 5 of the Contract says should not exceed 18 hours in any week or a total of 550 hours in the teaching year, in addition to preparation time for formal scheduled teaching, marking duties, total research and scholarly activities, and the general administration and participation in the processes and procedures as indicated in section 1.2.1 of the Policies and Procedures Handbook. Some lecturing staff may carry more specific duties in educational management and administration e.g. Course Leader, Admissions Tutors, Placement Tutors, and Subject Leaders. In all cases any allocation of time is likely to vary. Taking a Course Leader as an example, the time commitment required is likely to vary depending on different factors which could include the stage of the course development, the modification of or introduction of new courses, the number of staff involved in the courses, the range and nature of the course and subjects, the number of students involved in the course, etc.

Attached are a number of examples. These are given solely as examples and both management and the unions agree these are given in good faith and cannot be used in the context of a tariff or as a negotiating base either now or in the future.


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Attached - Examples

* In 1993 a decision was taken to close the Leicester and Milton Keynes sections of the University between Christmas and the New Year for a trial period of two years i.e. 1993/94 and 1994/95. During the trial period the Board of Governors has granted an additional concessionary day to be taken at Christmas to facilitate the closure.

Workloads/Timetables - Some Examples

These are based on the concept of balance between 1 and 2 below.


1. Duties/Role other than Formal Scheduled Teaching and the preparation, marking, general administration and participation in the processes/procedures that support it (see section 1.2.1 of the Agreed National Text of the Policies and Procedures Handbook).


Course Leader (large/small/new/current) course

Admissions Tutor (large/small/new/current/state of recruitment market)

Research (personal/funded)

Industrial Placement Officer (large/small/new/current/distance/administrative

Special Projects for Faculty/Department

Specific Administrative duties for Faculty/Department


2. Formal Scheduled Teaching –

(timetables classes/lectures/seminars)

(others as agreed including terminal

examinations/equivalent assessments)





Department A

1. Course Leader of new large course

Admissions Tutor for current small course

Personal Research

Department B

1. Industrial Placement Officer (small course)

Special projects for the Faculty

Limited Research

2. Formal scheduled teaching in the range 325 – 400

2. Formal scheduled teaching in the range 400 – 475

Department C

1. Course Leader of small current course

Limited Personal research

Department D

1. Admissions Tutor for large current course with a recruitment market requiring 'A' Level results time commitments.

2. Formal Scheduled Teaching in the range 450 – 525

Personal Research

2. Formal Scheduled Teaching in the range 350 - 425 


For purposes of calculating the annual commitment of staff in terms of formal scheduled teaching, the standard recurrent weekly commitment of a member of staff should be multiplied by the annual duration of the course or any major sub-set of it (e.g. 30 x 1 hr, 15 x 1 hr, 10 x 1 hr).

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