Non-Contractual Payments to Part-Time Lecturers


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1. Introduction

2. Items covered by this policy

3. Authorisation

4. Level of payment

5. Claiming payment





1. Introduction

This policy document details where additional payments may be made to part-time lecturers where these are not covered in the indefinite, fixed term or casual contracts.


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2. Items Covered by this Policy

Payment may be authorised for the following items not contained within the individual contract:

• Authorised attendance at Departmental/Faculty/Ad hoc meetings.

• Authorised attendance at Elected Committees, i.e. Staff Loading Review, Working Groups etc.

• Authorised attendance at training/development, whether internal or external.

• Authorised attendance at meetings not related to assessment of students, for example preparation for the QAA.


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3. Authorisation

Individual part-time lecturers should obtain advance authorisation from the appropriate manager to take part in activities detailed in 2 above, where payment under this Policy is required. The top half of form 'PTFORM' should be completed by the individual and forwarded to the manager for authorisation (see appendix 6 of the Procedure for Part-Time Hourly Paid Lecturers).


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4. Level of Payment

The individual part-time lecturer will receive 50% of their current contractual hourly rate for any complete hours of attendance in accordance with the guidelines in 2 above.


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5. Claiming Payment

Request for payment within this policy should be made on the lower half of form 'PTFORM'.

Payments within this policy should be managed within the part-time lecturers’ budget of the Faculty/Cost Centre.

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