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1. Introduction

2. The timescales

- Post authorisation

- Advertising

- Shortlisting

- Feedback to candidates

- Contractual changes

3. Post-Employment

4. Escalation process

5. Further Information


1. Introduction

Within the People and Organisational Development (POD) Directorate, the HR Partners/Officers (HRP/O) work with the Faculties and Directorates, supported by the HR Services (HRS) team.

Every Faculty and Directorate has a dedicated HRP/O from whom guidance and support with regard to policy, procedure or any other HR related issues, can be sought.

The HRS team provide administrative support to the HRP/O’s and first line advice to members of staff from within the Faculties and Directorates.

The HRS team aims to:

  • Offer a professional, informed and timely service to all employees, past, present and prospective.
  • Support the Faculties and Directorates in meeting the aims of the university and enhancing the student experience.
  • Support the Faculties and Directorates in the drive to make De Montfort University an employer of choice.
  • Ensure equality of treatment for all employees, past, present and prospective.

The HRS team support the HRP/O’s and Faculties/Directorates by delivering administrative support in the following areas:

  • The Recruitment and Selection process
  • Contractual changes of any description
  • Other administrative tasks
  • Providing general support and first line advice to employees (past, present and prospective)

The Human Resources Directorate can be visited directly between the hours of 8:45am – 5.00pm, Monday and Friday and 8.45am - 5.15pm Tuesday to Thursday, alternatively, individual members of the team can be contacted directly by telephone or e mail.

1.1 Scope of the Document

This document is a summary of timescales enabling Faculties, Directorates, POD and any other individual to understand and agree these timescales, within which each party aim to process specific elements of the recruitment and other administrative processes associated with potential, present and past employees.

The document will link to various other guidelines and policies as required.

The document will be reviewed in line with any changes in university policy, process or changes in legislation.


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2. The timescales


Please find below a summary of timescales:





1. Fully complete the Post Authorisation Form (PAF). This will give as much background information as possible to enable the Staff Review Group (SRG) to authorise recruitment of the post. Further information about the post approval process can be found here.


Attach the following to the completed PAF before it is submitted to SRG for approval:



The advertisement should include the proposed interview date, bearing in mind that the policy states ‘Shortlisted candidates will be given a minimum of five working days’ notice of interview’ and ensuring there is also an additional 2 working days for the Services Team to send the invites.

To be completed and signed by all relevant parties prior to submitting to HR in readiness for the published SRG deadline.


Please note: If authorisation is being sought for a new or re-graded post, at least two weeks should be allowed for the post grading process to be carried out, before the PAF is submitted to the SRG.

Line Manager or nominated contact responsible for the post.

2. HRS team will submit the PAF and accompanying documents to the SRG for authorisation.

Once the PAF is returned the HRO/P will:


  • Approved posts – check against the redeployment register and then ask the HRS to communicate the decision to the Recruiting Manager
  • Not Approved and queries –communicate the decision to the appointed contact within the Faculty/Directorate to discuss the outcome.
Feedback to be given to the Faculty/Directorate and HRP/O at the latest 2 working days after SRG.  HRS team
3. Documents to be e mailed to the appropriate contact within the HRS team. As soon as possible taking in to account the advertising deadlines Line Manager


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All documentation must be in the appropriate format and emailed to the HRS Team. For publications please contact the HRS Team for the appropriate deadline dates.

4. Advert to be reviewed for style, media and timing using the expertise available within the HRS team. HRP/O to check the documents for legal compliance. Within 2 working days of receipt of the electronic documents HRS team/
5. Any proposed significant amendments to be returned to Faculty/Directorate for review and authorisation. Within 2 working days of receipt of the electronic documents HRS team
6. Faculty/Directorate to respond and agree any changes and the final format and layout of the advertisement/s. As soon as possible, a post cannot be advertised until the advert has been agreed. Dean/ Deputy or Head of School/Line Manager or Manager responsible for advertising the post.
7. Advert to be placed. Depending on the media to be used this can be done in house or we may use our designated partner to advertise for us. To meet the agreed advertising date. HRS team


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By the end of the working day after the closing date the HRS team will send all applications to the Recruiting Manager or the nominated contact within the Faculty/Directorate for short listing to be carried out.


Shortlisted candidates should be provided with a minimum of 5 working days notice of interview especially where a presentation or planned test is required.

8. The names of the short listed candidates should be returned to the HRS team with a full completed shortlisting form and selection process arrangement form. These can be found on the Recruitment and Selection pages.


Faculty to arrange panel members and notify the HRS team on the selection process arrangement form


Academic and Senior posts only - HRS team will request references for short listed applicants at this point.

Within two weeks of the closing date, ensuring the HRS Team are able to contact candidates and provide at least 5 days’ notice of interview. Appointed contact within the Faculty. The Chair of the panel is required to sign the selection process arrangement form.

9. HRS team to contact the candidates and arrange the interview timings.


HRS team will request that candidates bring proof (originals and copies) of any professional registration or qualification if applicable and eligibility to work in the UK.

Within 2 working days of receipt of the short list. HRS team
10. HRS team will write to non-short listed applicants. Within 5 working days of receipt of the short list HRS team


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The HRS team will respond to any requests for feedback following shortlisting using the information from the shortlisting form. If the applicant requests more in depth information this will be sent to the Recruiting Manager to respond. The candidates must request this within 4 weeks of the closing date.

11. HRS team will send the interview packs to each member of the interview panel.


Academic and Senior posts only: The Chair’s interview pack should include the received references. These references should be treated as confidential and viewed by the Chair at the end of the interview.

At least 5 working days prior to the date of the interviews. HRS team

12. Faculty to carry out interview and testing as appropriate and make a decision on the appointment, then send all documentation back to HRS Team.


In all cases the candidate assessment form should be completed by the chair of the panel. One form should be completed for each candidate.

At the end of the selection process the recommendation to appoint should be completed and signed by the Chair. Additional signatures will be required for the following:


For Senior and Academic posts the recommendation to appoint form will also need signing by:
Vice-Chancellor, Director of POD or Deputy Director of POD (all Senior posts including Professorial posts)
PVC-dean (Other academic posts)

Within 5 working days of interview. Chair of the panel or nominated Deputy
13. The Chair of the panel or a nominated panel member to notify all unsuccessful candidates and provide feedback. The HRS Team will provide written confirmation. Within 5 working days after the interview

Chair of the panel or nominated Deputy

HRS team

14. On receipt of authorisation as above, HRS to liaise with the Faculty/Directorate regarding contacting the successful candidate to make a verbal offer, subject to DBS check and Certificate of Sponsorship requirements (and references for professional services appointments). Within 2 working days of receipt of authorisation. HRS team
15. HRS team to send offer letter and contract to the successful candidate.
Any required DBS checks will be initiated by HR.
Within 5 working days of the recommendation to appoint being received. HRS team
16. Successful candidate sends in a signed copy of their contract. By deadline date given. Candidate
17. HRS team enter the person details onto the HR/payroll system. Within the payroll month of the start date to ensure that the new colleague is paid correctly, provided the details are received prior to the payroll deadline. HRS team


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Including: extensions to fixed term contracts, changes in hours of work, increments, unpaid leave, job title changes and the administrative element of the retirement process.

Faculties/Directorates should endeavour to send all information which has pay implications to the HRS team at the earliest opportunity.


A CAF will be required for extensions, job title changes and increasing hours.

PAF deadlines will apply.


For all other changes the deadline for documentation to be received from the Faculty/Directorate is 2 working days prior to the payroll deadline to enable the change to be processed in time for the monthly payroll cut off.

Line Manager


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3. Post Employment

3.1 Responding To Telephone Calls, E Mail and Other Written Correspondence

In order to ensure a prompt response to ad hoc queries, the HRS team operates an e-mail buddying system.

When a member of the team is out of the office for more than ½ a working day, they put the “Out of office” response onto their e mail account, giving alternative contact names.

When members of the team are away from the office the HRS Team will endeavour to answer their telephones.

It is the aim of the HRS team that any of the above methods of correspondence will be responded to by the close of the working day following the initial request. A deadline for the completion of the task will be agreed at this point.


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4. Escalation Process

If a Faculty/Directorate experiences issues with any elements of the process, to escalate their concerns, contact should be made in the first instance with the HR Services Team Leader. If the situation remains unresolved, then the matter should be escalated to the HR Services Team Manager or the Deputy Director of Human Resources responsible for the HR Services Team.

The HRS will respond in writing to all complaints within four weeks of receipt, or will keep the individual informed of any longer period required for investigating and responding to their complaint.


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5. Further Information

Further information regarding the processes can be found at:

Recruitment and Selection
People Management Handbook

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