Part-Time Hourly Paid Lecturers


All part time hourly paid lecturer contract requests must be approved by the Staff Review Group.


Indefinite Contracts

Part-time hourly paid lecturers can be issued with 'indefinite' contracts, meaning there is no fixed term end date attached to their employment with the University. This is the preferred method of employment if the individual is not teaching on a one-off basis or covering a period of maternity/long term sick leave.

Part-Time Hourly Paid Lecturers (Casual & Fixed Term)

Should it be necessary for their employment to be on a temporary basis, there are two types of contract which can be used:

  1. Casual For one-off teaching/demonstrating assignments, usually no longer than 13 weeks in length.
  2. Fixed Term For temporary periods of employment which typically cover maternity leave or long term sickness absence.

For further information, please read the Guidelines for the PTHPL Process. pdf(307 kb) It is recommended you read this document thoroughly if you are involved in the process at all.

Following feedback on our recent changes to our part time hourly paid lecturer forms, we have merged the contract request and record form in to one form. You will therefore only be required to complete the contract request form below, ensure you continue to obtain the relevant approval, that the part time lecturer signs and retains a copy and finally the form send for SRG approval. If the contract or hours are not approved at SRG you will be informed.

PTHPL Contract Request and Record Form word(319 kb)


Anticipated Redundancy in the case of Hourly Paid Part-Time Lecturers Policy and Procedures

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