Employment Status Questionnaire (ESQ)


An ESQ should be completed by the relevant manager where it is proposed to take on any individual to undertake paid work for DMU with the exception of the following circumstances:

  • The individual has been appointed via a normal recruitment process following SRG approval of a Post Authorisation Form word(357 kb) or ‘PAF’word(357 kb) or
  • SRG approval has been obtained to appoint temporary cover for a post via Unitemps (or another employment agency) [see the Staff Pages for more information on the Agency Workers Requisition Process]
  • The individual is on the Frontrunners scheme.


This questionnaire needs to be completed regardless of whether or not the individual is considered to be self-employed or is providing work via a limited company and regardless of whether the individual/company intends to invoice DMU for the provision of services.

Payment cannot be processed unless this questionnaire has been completed and whether the individual has employment status has been confirmed by HR.

Employment Status Questionnaire word(120 kb)


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