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Academic Workload Planning

Welcome to the Academic Workload Planning resources page, which has been developed to support academic staff understand and apply the new academic workload arrangements.

Included on this page are links and information relating to the new arrangements and the Staff Workload Planner (SWP) software, which is used by academic staff to record academic workloads.


Academic workloads: new ways of working

In early March 2016 the university launched new ways of working in respect of academic workloads for all academic staff on the single pay spine.

The main changes include:

  • New Guidance on academic workloads including a number of dedicated ‘allowances’ for key elements of the academic workload.
  • Introduction of an electronic Staff Workload Planner (SWP) System with links to timetabling with a focus on the whole working year.

The new Guidance on academic workloads and the new ways of working will not be effective until the start of the new academic year, September 2016.

The Guidance on academic workloads can be viewed and downloaded from here

The Guidance will be kept under review so always check you are using the most up to date version.

A set of training slides have been developed primarily for members of Faculty Staff Loading Review Groups (FSLRGs) but will be of use to anyone wishing to find out more about the Guidance on academic workloads and the new ways of working.  The slides can be downloaded here.


Staff Workload Planner

The SWP software merges teaching data taken from the timetabling system and allows staff to record academic allowances, in line with the new workload arrangements.

The recommended way to access SWP is via a PC and using Internet Explorer.  However, if you are a MAC user, the SWP system can be accessed via the Citrix business portal. This requires a technical solution to be applied to your MAC to allow access.

Please email directly if you require access to SWP via a MAC computer. They will schedule an appointment to apply the solution to your MAC.

Please then refer to the guidance for accessing SWP on an Apple Mac, available on the Academic Workload Planning pages on the website.

To access the software, please click here


The software is in its pilot year, faculties have already identified staff that need access, however, as a member of academic staff, should you believe you need access please consult your faculty deputy dean to discuss.

Should you agree with your deputy dean that you require access to SWP, please download and submit the attached form here and submit to


SWP training materials

Classroom training for users of SWP has concluded, however ongoing support is available to academic staff.

The SWP User Manual can be downloaded here

As a user of the Staff Academic Workload Planner you will be able to access the online training for the system through your Blackboard account. Please note: you will need to first email the IT training team to request access to the relevant folder.  You can then access the e-Learning as follows:

  1. Go to Blackboard (
  2. On the Blackboard Home page, click ‘Academic Workload Training’ in the ‘My Communities’ section.
  3. Then select the ‘Academic Staff Workload Planning’ to view the e-Learning videos.  There are six videos in total to view.

For queries regarding SWP or system training please contact for assistance. Please note we also have an FAQs page, which is updated regularly, this page can be found here.


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