DMU Music Covid-19 FAQs

 Last updated: Friday 19 November 

We’ve been reviewing how DMU Music and the projects that it runs can continue in light of the latest Covid-19 restrictions, England’s national lockdown from Thursday 5 November – Wednesday 2 December and the December student travel window.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Chantry Building be open?

Yes. Students and staff will continue have access to the Chantry Building for individual or paired practice, and for 1-1 music tuition. Practice time in the Chantry Building can be booked by emailing

The Chantry Building will be closed from Monday 7 December at 5pm until the end of term.

What's happening to DMU Music concerts and public performances?

In accordance with government guidelines, all DMU Music public concerts, performances and events on campus and at city venues have been postponed until further notice. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • DMU Indian Classical Music Series concerts
  • Campus ensemble concerts (DMU Orchestra, DMU Chamber Choir, DMU Jazz Band, DMU Taiko)
  • DMU International Jazz series concerts&

While it is currently not possible to attend live music performances in-person, DMU Music is planning online concerts throughout the 2020/21 academic year that will be live streamed from university social media channels. Further details will be announced in due course via DMU Music social media channels and webpages:

We are reviewing, and will continue to review, what the evolving restrictions will mean for in-person concerts and will update you as soon as we're able to.

What's happening with DMU Music's social impact projects?

Delivered in collaboration with local, national and international partner organisations, city-based charities and communities, DMU Music social impact events explore the role of music-making in promoting positive wellbeing.

DMU Music social impact projects for the 2020/21 academic year will be delivered via a blended approach of in-person social-distanced workshops and online models of delivery, depending on the UK Government's restrictions at the time.

We have no face-to-face DMU Music social impact projects planned between now and the end of term, so our currently running Hear and Now: Virtually Together project can resume online as planned.

For students interested in volunteering for DMU Music social impact projects, please contact the DMU Music office via email at

Can DMU Music ensembles still rehearse?

(DMU Jazz Band, DMU Orchestra, DMU Brass, DMU Chamber Choir, DMU Taiko)

In accordance with current social distancing regulations and government guidance, weekly in-person ensemble rehearsals in the Chantry Building and Trinity House Chapel, and related concerts at campus and city venues, have been temporarily paused, with the following exceptions:

  • The DMU Jazz Band is holding a series of small-scale rehearsals in the De Montfort Students' Union (DSU) Function Rooms between October and December.
  • The DMU Taiko is holding weekly rehearsals on campus, outside of the Food Village from November onwards.

We're ensured that our ensembles adhere to the UK Government's requirements on social distancing, and that they are complying with the university's safety measures, outlined on DMU's Your DMU Safety.

DMU Music has agreed an action plan with DMU Estates for maintaining safe access to the Chantry Building with the required social-distancing and hand& sanitising measures in place. We have also prepared a handbook for all students using the Chantry Building detailing all expectations while social distancing and restrictions are necessary - this is to ensure the safety of all users.

For our ensemble activity, the DMU Jazz Band rehearsals will move online or be paused until the new term, and DMU Taiko rehearsals will stop on Wednesday 2 December.

Is music tuition taking place online?

We continue to be led by student and tutor preference. We currently have some face-to-face 1-1 tuition happening in the Chantry Building and some lessons are being delivered online. We will be contacting everyone enrolled on the scheme, including tutors, and will assess on a case-by-case basis.

Should any of our learners or tutors be classed as extremely clinically vulnerable or who are over 60 or classed as clinically vulnerable, then tuition can continue, but via online platforms only. Equally, if learners and tutors for whatever reason do not feel comfortable with attending/delivering in-person sessions, we will look to move lessons online, regardless of whether they are classed as extremely clinically vulnerable.

DMU Music tuition will be taking place online from Wednesday 9 December and anyone unable to participate online can carry missed lessons over to the new term.


Guidance and research

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the government and musical organisations have produced guidance for those in the music industry, as well as new research projects undertaken in the context of music making during the pandemic. We've compiled a list of useful resources and links to ongoing research for those interested. 


”Music Unlocked”: Guidance for Schools and Music Providers (2020) Music Mark.

‘Easing the lockdown: Performing’ (July 2020) Incorporated Society for Musicians.

‘Teaching Music During the Coronavirus Outbreak’ (July 2020) Musicians Union.

‘Performing Arts’ Working safely during Coronavirus (COVID-19). (May 2020) UK Government. 


Prof. Dr. med. Stefan N. Willich, et al. (May 2020) ‘Policy brief about performances of orchestras during the COVID-19 pandemic’Orchestral Performances during the COVID-19 pandemic, Charité, Berlin. 

Gregson et al. (August 2020) ‘Comparing the Respirable Aerosol Concentrations and Particle Size Distributions Generated by Singing, Speaking and Breathing’ University of Bristol. 

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Claudia Spahn and Prof. Dr. med. Bernhard Richter (July 2020) ‘Risk Assessment of Coronavirus Infection in the Field of MusicUniversity of Freiburg. 

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