International/ EU (not eligible for SFE Maintenance Loan) Hardship Fund: Covid-19

This Fund has been set up in response to the financial impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) on International students and EU students who are not eligible for the Maintenance Loan.

If you are eligible for an award it would be a contribution towards living costs (food/ toiletries/ cleaning products). It will not cover rent or Tuition Fees – for these areas of concern, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Eligibility update

If you have already applied to this Fund and were eligible for an award, you would have received a payment to last for six weeks. As the current situation remains unchanged for the short term, you would be permitted to re-apply again, but only when the six weeks from your payment date has passed. Please do not submit another application before that date, if you do, your application will be declined. You can check the date you were paid from the award email we sent to you, or by checking the date the payment was made into your bank account.


There are certain situations where your income may have been affected by Covid-19:

  • you are currently working in the UK but are having to self-isolate for 1–2 weeks
  • you are currently working in the UK but are having to self-isolate for 12 weeks, due to an underlying health condition
  • you are currently working in the UK but are having to care for a child/ partner/ family member due to Covid-19 guidelines
  • you are currently working in the UK but your employer has recently closed due to Covid-19 guidelines
  • your sponsor would normally provide funds but they are currently being affected by the Coronavirus (e.g. they are ill with Covid-19 and not able to work/ they are self-isolating and unable to work/ their employer has recently closed)
  • your country of origin has experienced a significant currency devaluation due to Covid-19.

How to apply

If you fit one of the categories above, please complete an application form. We would strongly advise you not to download the form for completing a few days/weeks later, as the form may need to be adapted at short notice.

International Hardship Fund (Covid-19) application form

Please complete the application form, then you MUST save your PDF file. Students have been submitting blank forms, which we can't use. You will also need to provide the evidence stated in the application form electronically, saved as attachments to your email. 'Adobe Scan' is a free app that scans documents into PDF format.

Students with children under 18 years old who live with them: please also supply evidence of each child, ideally a copy of their birth certificate(s). If you can't locate the certificate(s), supply an alternative and we will see if it is an acceptable form of evidence.

We will only accept applications electronically for the foreseeable future. In the subject of your email please write "International/EU Hardship Fund". Please email your completed application form and all the evidence to 

If you are not eligible

If your circumstances don’t fit any of the list above, please email and outline what your current situation is and how you have been financially impacted by the recent Covid-19 outbreak.

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