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Funding for US students

There are three types of funding available to students from the USA:

  • Federal Direct Loans
  • Private Loans
  • Veterans Affairs Funding


Federal Direct Loans

DMU is approved by the US Department of Education to offer the William D Ford Federal Direct Loan programme. There are three types of Federal Direct Loans available:

  • Direct Subsidised loans
  • Direct Unsubsidised loans
  • Direct PLUS loans (Graduate and Parent PLUS)

For more information on Federal Student Aid please visit their website

For more information from DMU on how to apply please visit our Federal Direct Loans: How to Apply and Further Information page

Private Loans (Sallie Mae)

Students who are not able to take out US Federal Loans or want additional loans may be able to borrow from private lenders in the US. Please see the Student Aid website  for more information on private loans. Sallie Mae are the only organisation that offer loans to US students studying overseas. 


Veterans Affairs Funding

Support for Veterans and their families for the pursuance of education. For more information please see their website

If you are planning of using Veterans Affairs Funding to support your student at DMU – please contact our student funding team via ASAP, so that we can submit the required course information to support your funding application.