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OfS Covid Impact Hardship Fund

Applications are currently taking up to 15 working days to process, please do not contact us within this time for an update, as it will take valuable time away from the assessment team and delay processing. 

We know that students may have been financially impacted throughout the pandemic, experiencing difficulty supplementing their income in the current job market and struggling with living costs and digital connectivity. We want to make sure they are fully supported at this time and to help with this, the government and Office for Students (OfS) has provided money for us to administer a hardship fund due to the financial impact Covid is having. This will help students with a small contribution towards living and digital connectivity costs.

Closing date: 22nd March 2021, however we may need to close the Fund early if the money runs out before this date. 



Students need to be enrolled on their course at the time of applying – if you have completed your course or if you have been excluded, you are not eligible to apply. This Fund is open to Home (UK), EU and International; undergraduate and postgraduate; full-time and part-time students studying a higher education course. Students on the ‘Art and Design Foundation Diploma’ course are not eligible as their course is further education.


Application form

Please note, you will only be able to submit your application ONCE, so please ensure you read every question carefully, along with the additional information provided throughout the form. If you have checked you are eligible to apply, please complete the online application form and make sure you submit the evidence requested below.


Evidence required

You must submit the following evidence via email to as we cannot assess you until we have a completed application form and the evidence below:

  • All students: please supply one month of very recent bank statements, covering a date range right up to the date you apply, for ALL of your bank accounts – student account, current accounts, joint accounts, savings accounts (including ISAs). We cannot accept phone banking apps, please log into online banking and download PDFs, you can also try screenshots of a mini statement if you haven’t had the official statement generated yet.
  • All students: please supply the current balance on the date you apply for ALL of your bank accounts – student account, current accounts, joint accounts, savings accounts (including ISAs). You can use phone banking apps for this as long as it states your account details that we can match up with your bank statements.
  • Students who are currently expected to pay for a rental property: an in-date tenancy agreement, we only need the page(s) that state your name, the address of the property, the start/end dates of the tenancy; your rent payment schedule.
  • Students who are currently expected to pay for a mortgage: your most recent mortgage statement which may be two or three pages, that state your name, the address of the property, either how much you are expected to pay, or a list of how much you have been paying over the statement year.
  • Students who have children (18 years or under) who live with them all the time: either your current Child Benefit/ Child Tax Credits/ Universal Credit document, showing your benefit covers one or more children; if you can’t locate your document, if the benefit payments are clearly visible on your bank statements, we can use that as proof – please tell us in your email if this is the case. If you don’t receive state benefits please supply birth certificates for each child.

PDFs are the best way to submit your evidence, or you can use Adobe Scan app (available for free from Apple Store or Google Play), or take a photo of the evidence, or use a scanner. But please ensure that your image is clear, the text is legible, and don’t crop any text off the edges.

We will contact you via your DMU email, so please check your emails regularly (including your Junk/Spam folders). Please email with any queries.



IT Access Hardship Scheme

If you are unable to access any critical equipment needed for your studies, ITMS are administering the ‘IT Access Hardship Scheme’ which has re-opened. If you have any questions and queries you can contact the ITMS Service Desk through email at or by calling +44 (0)116 250 6050.