i-Buddies new arrivals

Applications for new international students will open in October 2022. We will email students in the autumn, once applications open.

  1. What is i-Buddies?

    By coming to De Montfort University (DMU) you are beginning a life-changing adventure, but you may still need some help along the way. Coming to live in a new country is exciting, though it can seem challenging or even a little stressful.

    Many international students also tell us that they sometimes find it difficult to meet new people. The i-Buddies scheme is designed to help new international students settle in and to meet students from the UK and from other countries.

  2. Who is it for?

    The i-Buddies scheme is designed for new international students for their first term at DMU.

    Although the i-Buddies scheme runs for one term only but many buddies become friends and choose to stay in contact when the scheme comes to an end.

  3. How does it work?

    • When you are enrolled on your course at DMU, you will be sent details of the scheme and an application form
    • We will match you with an existing DMU student, who will become your "Buddy"
    • Your Buddy will send you an email at the start of the new term
    • You arrange to make contact so that you can start to get to know them
    • Your buddy will keep in contact with you during your first term. You can meet up or chat on line with your Buddy – whatever suits you best
    • We have a limited amount of DMU Buddies available and there is often a waiting list. The scheme runs on a first come first served basis, so we strongly recommend an early application

    The i-Buddies scheme is optional – you don’t have to take part if you don’t want to.

  4. What do students say?

    "The scheme has been really beneficial for me, as you know that there is someone there who you can reach out to - who will be there to support you, who knows the city and the university. I have had such a great experience and will continue my association with the scheme."
    - Tanmay, India

    "The scheme is really cool! It’s helped me learn English and meet friends. ... We even held our birthday party together. It was exciting because it was my first time to go to an Indian restaurant and it was good to share the party with Aneela."
    - Maochao, China

    "I thought it would be good to have someone to explain life at DMU and in the UK and understand how things work ... the best thing about the scheme has been making a European friend. Just enjoy it - just be who you are!"
    - Lia, Brazil

  5. Contact us

    If you have any questions, you can contact us directly at i-buddies@dmu.ac.uk.