Student complaints procedure

De Montfort University recognises the importance of effective complaints management as both a tool and a source of information for service improvement. The university welcomes feedback from all our students and recognises the right of students or alumni to raise issues of concern about the services provided by the university which may affect the quality of their student experience.

Procedure overview

Stage 1: Local resolution

Stage 2: Complaint to the Student Appeals and Conduct Officer

Stage 3: Appeal to the University Complaints Committee

Scope of procedure

The university makes a clear distinction between appeals against Assessment Board decisions, which are managed by the Academic Support Office, and expressions of dissatisfaction about other service provision, which are dealt with in accordance with the complaints procedure described in this document. Any complaint to the Student Appeals and Conduct Officer which appears to be an academic appeal will be referred to the Academic Support Office for consideration.

The university complaints procedure is available to all students and alumnus of the university to enable them to raise any concerns about service provision, including matters relating to discrimination in any form.  If you require further information about this procedure please contact and the team will assist you.

The policy of the university is that no person (student, staff or visitor) is discriminated against, either directly or indirectly, on the grounds of their race, colour, ethnic or natural origin or nationality, gender, marital status, age, disability, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, disability or offending background. No person shall be discriminated against or adversely affected for making a complaint.

Aims of the procedure

The aims of the procedure are to:

  • Encourage local resolution in as many cases as possible
  • Be simple, open and accessible
  • Be accountable
  • Be non-adversarial
  • Be fair to all parties involved and avoid allocating unnecessary blame to individuals
  • Lead to prompt resolution
  • Lead to service improvement

Successful resolution

A successful resolution at any stage of the procedure should:

  • Be honest
  • Be fair to all parties
  • Include an apology and/or other form of recompense if appropriate
  • Include corrective and/or preventive action or provide a clear and honest explanation of what has happened and why further action is not appropriate


DMU is committed to the provision of a professional admissions service which attracts, recruits, selects, admits and enrols students using a clear, fair, effective and consistent policy and procedure.

Any applicant (or person who is yet to formally register at the University) who wishes to raise concerns about the service provision of the Admissions Division or matters relating to a rejected course application should contact the University’s Head of Admissions in the first instance at

Further information regarding the complaints procedure for applicants can be found within the University’s Admissions Policy.

If you wish to raise a concern about any other aspect of your interactions with the university please contact and one of the team will assist you.

Please note that the OIA will not review complaints from applicants for places on university courses.

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