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Ask us - your questions answered

We are committed to open and two-way communication, and have therefore set up an email address – – so that you can ask us a question about any aspect of DMU.

Please see below some of the questions that our students have already asked, and our responses.

You will receive a response to any question within five working days to the email address you sent the message on. Questions and answers will be uploaded on this page on a regular basis.

Starting at DMU

When do I register?

You can register online. A username and password will be emailed to you. This will save you time when you arrive at DMU, and means you just need to pick up your student ID card.

When do I get my student ID card?
If you've completed online registration, you can bring some ID and pick it up from one of our Registration Day events in September. If you have any queries or haven't received any information about your specific registration event, get in touch with your Faculty Advice Centre.

I'm having problems with the e-Induction, what do I do?
If you’re starting a course with us in September you will receive further information about how to complete e-Induction via email shortly.

When do I get my timetable?
First year timetables will be available from Thursday 28 September.

What do I need to bring for Freshers' Week?
Your faculty will be in touch with you either via email or post to let you know what you need.

I need a certificate to show that I'm a student for council tax purposes
Once you've enrolled, just pop into the Student Gateway in Gateway House and they can sort it out for you.

When do I get my student email?
Once you've enrolled and have your ID (p) number, you can log into MyDMU and access your email. Watch out for our weekly #loveDMU newsletter, with all the latest on DMU news and upcoming events.

Is there is anybody I can talk to regarding funding for my course?
Talk to our student finance team in the Student Gateway. T: +44 (0)116 257 7595 E:

I do not know how to log into the student system using my p number
Pop into the library and speak to them as they’ll be able to go through the default password with you and help you log on.

How can I get my DMU email on my mobile phone?
DMU email is provided by Office 365, so follow the same process as adding an Outlook account. Email if you're having problems.

I'm trying to set up a student bank account and they need a letter from the university. Where can I get this?
Once you've enrolled, just pop into the Student Gateway in Gateway House and they can sort it out for you.

Can I bring my car?
Unfortunately, parking at DMU is very limited as there are no spaces reserved for students. You can find out more about student travel options on the website.

How do I find out my username and password?
Your username is your p number (eg, p12345678) and your password is your date of birth written as dd/mm/yy

Life at DMU

Do I need to re-apply for student finance for the second and third year? You need to reapply each year for funding through your relevant funding body, Student Finance England, Wales, Ireland or Scotland.

I've lost my ID card, how do I get a new one?
You can order a new one from the Student Gateway. It will cost £10. For more info email

Is it possible to get into the gym without my ID card?
If you talk to the people at the desk, they should be able to find you on the system. They may require some other form of ID first.

Is there any place within the university where I can sell used textbooks?
The Students’ Union has a marketplace site , where you can sell books and anything else you can think of to other students.

Is there a Post Office service at DMU?
There is a post box near the Hugh Aston Building but there is no Post Office service on campus; there are branches nearby at the Highcross shopping centre and in WHSmith on Gallowtree Gate. 

Where can I access the up-to-date student regulations?
The student regulations fall under the Academic Support Office .

How do I get involved in becoming a Student Ambassador?
There are two rounds of interviews for student ambassadors throughout the year. There’s further information on the student web pages .

I want to hold a fundraiser for a trip I'm doing as part of my course. Who do I need to ask?
Talk to the Students' Union, either by popping into the Campus Centre, visiting their website or speaking to the Exec Team.

Is the main car park available on Saturdays to students?
Depending on events, students can use the main car park. You must bring your ID card to be let in.

When can I get my timetable for the second/third year?
Your timetable will be live on MyDMU from Thursday 14 September.

Is it possible to change my timetable to suit my needs?
Unfortunately not. As the timetables are set in advance to fit around three separate years’ worth of teaching and tutors teaching across multiple courses, once you have received your timetable it is already set in stone.

Does the university offer IT training for students?
Yes, visit the student resource pages to find out more. 


Where do I go, or look, for advice on internships, and working abroad during the summer as a first year student?
You can find out more about internships and working aboard on our dedicated employability pages. Also, check out #DMUglobal which offers you the chance for an overseas experience during your time at DMU.

Why do I have to pay £650 fees while I'm on a placement year?
While on placement you are still enrolled as a DMU student. You receive all the benefits that students on campus do, plus have access to the support and advice of the DMU placement team. Your tutor will visit you twice per year, and you can also take advantage of companies visiting campus to give talks and opportunities. While on placement you can still claim the tuition fee and maintenance loans, and will receive the student council tax discount. Your year on placement will be accredited and goes onto your Higher Education Achievement Report.

What is the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)?
This is your online transcript of results, but it also includes all the activities you'll take part in while on campus. More information is available on the HEAR pages.

What is MyGateway?
It is a brand new service that allows you to get on the spot career advice, book appointments, find jobs and much more. It also allows you to book appointments for any of our Student Gateway services.

I have a three year course, but want to add a placement year. How do I do this?
Once you're here, book an appointment to talk with your faculty's work-based learning team and they can chat through the options with you.

Support for you

Does DMU offer any clubs in which other languages are taught as well as studying the main degree?
There is an International Students’ Cafe every Wednesday from 2-4pm during term time in the lounge at DSU. It allows international students to come and improve their confidence in their spoken English. Our Confucius Institute offer survival Chinese classes as part of the internationalisation of our campus.

How do I get an appointment with student services?
Either drop into the Student Gateway in Gateway House or call 0116 257 7595.

How can I make an appointment with my personal tutor?
You can make an appointment with your personal tutor via MyGateway. For further advice, drop into the Student Gateway in Gateway House or call 0116 257 7595.

I want to find out about dyslexia support in the library
Rather than the library, the best people to talk to are the Student Gateway, who provide lots of dyslexia support. Just pop into their office in the Gateway Building, or you can also talk to your faculty disability co-ordinator.

Where can I go to get free general medical care?
Visit our dedicated web pages to find out how to register with De Montfort Surgery.

Results and graduation

When does the May Exam Schedule get released?
The May exam schedule is released in March and will be added to MyDMU .

How is the grade for my degree worked out?
The best 105 credits (highest marks) at level 5 and the best 105 credits at level 6 are used to calculate degree classification, triple-weighted towards level 6. Some courses, normally those governed by a professional, statutory or regulatory body, are classified differently. If in doubt, it is always best to check with the relevant course team.

I completed my foundation degree and passed with a merit, I am now topping up at DMU, does the degree classifcation apply to those of us doing top ups?
Normally where a student is undertaking a top-up for a foundation degree, degree classification is based upon the best 105 level 6 credits.  However it is best to double-check with your Student Advice Centre or Faculty Head of Studies how your degree will be classified

What do I do if I missed an exam but want to retake it?
Contact the exams office as soon as possible. Their number is 0116 250 6379.

I can't attend graduation, what should I do?
You can either defer to the next set of ceremonies (we hold graduations in January and July) or have the certificate sent to your home address. Email for more information.

I need an academic transcript. How do I get this?
You will need to contact our Student Records team. There may be a charge for this.

What is the HEAR?
The Higher Education Achievement Report. You can find more information on our website.

Other queries

I would like to withdraw from my course. How do I do this?
You will need to speak to your programme team or contact the Student Advice Centre based in your faculty.

I want to change my name on the DMU system, how can I do this?       
You will need to email