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We are committed to providing DMU students with an amazing experience by acting on their feedback wherever possible.

Our #loveDMU campaign aims to raise awareness of some of the positive changes we have made as a result of student feedback.

You can check out why we think you should #loveDMU below.

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Our top reasons to #loveDMU

  1. DMU for Life helps you stay connected with us after you graduate. Our alumni network allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest news in your industry as both a student and a graduate.
  2. Kimberlin Library is open 24/7, 365 days a year and runs regular workshops to help boost your academic skills.
  3. DMU Global has sent more than 3,000 student overseas this academic year. More than 900 students have taken part in on-campus experiences such as learning a new language.
  4. The #HealthyDMU hub is a one-stop-shop for health and wellbeing advice giving you quick access to book appointments, wellness tips and much more.



  1. Our highest-ever number of successful one-year placement applications were made to employers, with nearly 500 individual offers made to DMU students by employers from across Leicestershire, the UK and abroad.
  2. The number of students supported on an Enterprise Placement Year doubled this year.
  3. A brand new professional readiness module was trialled to Fashion Buying students and embedded the creation of bespoke CVs and cover letters into the curriculum, which resulted in a 98% pass rate.
  4. The biggest Placements Fair to date saw twice as many employers attend and the student response was fantastic with more than 600 attending.
  5. Students undertook the first teaching 12-month placements in TA roles in both the UK and overseas.
  6. The first ADH Preparing for Placements event took place with 50% of attendees going on to secure a placement.
  7. ADH has strengthened its relationships with European-based companies O’Neill and Hunkemoller, placing multiple students abroad.
  8. The BAL Placement Team has built relationships with employers regionally such as Weetabix and Everards and managed to secure placement roles exclusively for DMU students.
  9. We had the largest number of CEM Postgraduate students in one year placements.
  10. The CEM Placements Team delivered its first ever ‘experiential’ postgraduate placement bootcamp at Leicester Outdoor Pursuits, preparing students for placements.
  11. We saw the highest number of placement offers in CEM to date (149).
  12. 647 CEM placement appointments were attended in 18-19.
  13. CEM students embarked on placements at established organisations such as Airbus, GCHQ, Jaguar Land Rover and EA Games.
  14. More than 3,000 individual placements were delivered by the HLS Placement team.
  15. An optional sandwich year placement module was validated for Psychology students and Education Studies students. The HLS Placement team is now providing support to those students to secure a placement year, in addition to the support already provided to the students of the four sciences programmes.
  16. 558 students and graduates were placed on Frontrunner and Graduate Champion internships in 18/19.

Digital, Enterprise, Postgraduate, Mentoring

  1. Organised the first employability conference exclusively for International students with expert speakers.
  2. Introduced a new workshop for researchers to understand ‘Careers in Academia’ in collaboration with academic staff.
  3. Delivered insight days across the UK for more than 160 students covering health, engineering, media, legal, HR, fashion, marketing, technology and enterprise.
  4. This year we have provided three times the number of students (355) with an Employability Mentoring experience compared to the previous academic year.
  5. Eighth highest number of graduate start-ups in the UK.
  6. First ever TEDx event hosted at DMU (TEDx DemontfortUwomen, in December 2019).
  7. DMUworks Enterprise trips opened up university-wide for the first time (Boston, LA and Norway).


  1. 400 students have worked since the start of the academic year.
  2. We have filled 478 student assignments since the start of the academic year.
  3. £229,624 has been paid to students in total this academic year.

Employer projects, careers appointments, network events, international

  1. Introduced the new Careers Drop-In Event which is based in the Campus Centre. 423 students have received careers advice and guidance across the first three of these.
  2. 1,009 students attended the Frontrunner internship application support sessions receiving advice on how to submit quality job applications.
  3. More students were offered employment by the Careers Team’s key employer partners than ever before. These include PWC, FDM and Enterprise Rent-a-Car.
  4. Provided free transport for more than 150 students to attend an employer Insight Visit or Open Day.
  5. 3,341 Careers 1-1 appointments were made available to students and graduates.
  6. Several new sector-specific network events were set up for the first time to provide more opportunities for current students to meet employers and DMU graduates who are working in industry to share experiences.
  7. DMUworks international trips now take place to cities such as Paris, Bergen, Saigon and Los Angeles. 

Arts Design and Humanities:

  1. We have improved access across a range of our specialist facilities including digital print (textiles) and our sewing studio areas.
  2. We have increased embedded faculty support for students seeking placements and have a new placement hub in the Vijay Patel Building, increasing our cross-campus presence.
  3. We are developing our DMU Global activity further to enrich our students’ learning experience and provide deeper subject-based learning.

Business and Law:

  1. You said you wanted more learning resources (Business and Management Programme). We added more copies of core texts across the programme. The ratio of books to students is now one book per eight students.
  2. We also secured membership to the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) as an exclusive benefit for students on the Business and Management Programme. This includes full access to all CMI member benefits and services including: Management Direct – CMI’S online learning portal which provides access to 3,000 Journals, 450 online text books and thousands of videos to enhance learning.
  3. You said you wanted improvements to the enhancement weeks. We put on more events and had more industry speakers, many of whom were DMU alumni, and who gave lots of helpful career advice.

Health and Life Sciences:

  1. You said you would like to have computer facilities in Edith Murphy so you don’t have to walk over to Hawthorn between lectures. We created an open access IT hub on the ground floor of Edith Murphy and a further two computers on the first floor for students to use on a drop-in basis.
  2. You said you wanted additional careers support. We created a termly HLS Employability Newsletter and careers drop-in sessions run by the HLS Careers and Employability Team.

Computing, Engineering and Media

  1. Introduced dual monitors for the Gaming Labs.
  2. Doubled a dual-boot computer provision in the Library.
  3. Made the entrance to Gateway House attractive to bring it up to the standard of other areas of the campus.
  4. Continued to offer extended building hours for Queens, Gateway, Bede and Courtyard Studios to the benefit of all students in all schools.
  5. Added three more computer labs plus a group work area on the fourth floor of Gateway House.
  6. New motion capture studio for VFX, and significant remodelling of teaching space to create a better VFX working environment in the Queen’s Building.
  7. New Mac Labs in Gateway for Graphics students.
  8. Additional PC facilities for Engineering students in Queen’s.

Healthy DMU

  1. You said… you wanted a one-stop-shop for health and wellbeing advice. We created the #HealthyDMU hub, which is a website that provides information around support to aid your health and wellbeing at DMU. The Hub will provide you with quick access to booking appointments, activities and hints and tips about staying well.
  2. You said… you wanted support with adjusting to university life. We provide masterclasses throughout the year to support you with everything from anxiety to time management to dissertation tips.
  3. You said… you wanted a quiet space to take time out on campus. The Breathing Space is free for all students to use during term time to take time out from busy university life and to meet new people.
  4. You said… you wanted to more free fitness sessions on campus. The DMUactive programme now offers more sessions than ever before with more than 20 sessions on offer throughout the academic year and even running campaigns such as This Girl Can making sport accessible to everyone.

DMU Global

  1. In the 2018-19 academic year: 3,282 students participated in overseas experiences
  2. 973 students participated in on-campus experiences such as language learning
  3. The top reasons for students to participate in our experiences were:
  4. 94% of students indicated that they were satisfied with their experience
  5. 86% of participants felt their experience was good value for money
  6. 88% of students felt they improved their confidence in handling new and unfamiliar situations
  7. 87% of students felt they improved their understanding of different cultures
  8. 84% of students felt that their opportunity added value to their course
  9. 92% of students were more interested in pursuing other international experiences
  10. 84% of students felt more confident to travel overseas independently


  1. Specialist IT improvements (more Wacoms and AutoCad, more dual-boot PCs, more Silent Study IT, regrouping of machines for ease of use).
  2. Syndicate Room upgrades (Smart Surface, Mersive enabled, networked and new screens in all eight rooms).
  3. Enhancement of group working in the Learning Zone (new group working pods, new Mersive enabled collaborative IT desks).
  4. Coaching Corner introduced offering bite-sized support sessions with no sign up required.
  5. Make Space – a creative studio-like space in the Library.
  6. Introduction of night-time study – keeping the environment safe while also promoting healthy study messages.
  7. Managed study spaces to prevent desk-hogging.
  8. The Library Night Trolley was active during exam revision period distributing free fruit and hot drinks to students– this will continue in 2020.
  9. Regular, monthly chill-out sessions.
  10. Promotion of value of reading for wellbeing – uplift of leisure reading collection and various events and displays.

DMU for Life

  1. We formed our Alumni Networks to help students and graduates stay up-to-date with the latest in their industry. Each industry-specific network encourages members to share relevant news, developments and events in our dedicated LinkedIn groups.
  2. International students or graduates who are based abroad said that living away from Leicester can make it harder to stay in touch. We created our Global Alumni Clubs so that our graduates can meet and connect with current students from around the world. We have clubs in all kinds of places, from Poland to Malaysia and Cyprus to Singapore.
  3. Students said that they want to hear more about where alumni have taken their careers, so we regularly invite our alumni back to speak on campus to hear how they are getting on.
  4. We work closely with faculties, the careers team, alumni, and our business partners to promote great graduate career opportunities and networking events to give you the contacts and support you need, for life.
  5. If you’re interested in finding out more about any of the DMU for Life offering you can follow us on Twitter @DMUforlife, subscribe to our monthly newsletter here or email us directly at