The Module Level Feedback survey

DMU is committed to providing the best student experience possible and your opinion matters. Our next Module Level Feedback (MLF) survey period runs from Monday 27 July to Sunday 6 September 2020, and is aimed at a selection of current undergraduate and post-graduate taught students.

If you’re eligible, you’ll receive an email with a link to fill it in online. The message will come from DMUsurveys ( with the subject Module Level Feedback survey.

The feedback you give us via the MLF helps us to meet your needs at module level as well as programme level. This year we had to adapt quickly to the extraordinary challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, so it's important to tell us how you've been getting on and what kind of enhancements we should now consider.

See below for guidance on how to share your feedback in the MLF.

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Positive changes based on your feedback

Your feedback guides the choices we make. As part of the #loveDMU initiative, the university has made a series of enhancements across campus which have been informed by what our students tell us. Visit our #loveDMU webpages to find out about the many changes we’ve made in response to student feedback.

Your opinions are essential to ensure that we provide every student with the best possible education and enable you to gain skills to stand out in an increasingly competitive jobs market. 

About the MLF survey

The MLF survey is simple to fill in and will only take a few minutes.

The questions ask you to evaluate your teaching and learning experience on a five-point scale from ‘Definitely Agree’ to ‘Definitely Disagree’ and they cover the following topics:

  • Teaching
  • The learning environment
  • Learning outcomes
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Organisation and management
  • Learning resources
  • Overall learning/educational experience

You’ll have the opportunity to tell us about a module’s best aspects, what can be improved or what should be changed.

The survey is anonymous, so please be constructive, courteous and honest. Use this chance to share your thoughts with us and to reflect on your whole experience. We look forward to receiving your views! You can watch our MLF explainer video below. 

Module Level Feedback guidance

Please provide accurate and constructive evaluation and feedback about your teaching and learning experience on your modules. Well-thought-out and measured responses will help the university continue to develop and enhance the manner in which education is provided, providing a tangible benefit for future students and the university. We recommend that evaluation and feedback is based on your own experiences and perception.

To retain anonymity, please do not refer to yourself in MLF responses in any way that could identify you, as it’s not possible for this kind of personal information to be removed from the survey data.

If you have any specific academic or personal issues that you wish to raise, please discuss them with your personal tutor or the student advice centre at your faculty. 

In providing feedback and evaluation, all DMU students are still subject to the university’s general regulations and procedures. In particular, feedback that is in breach of the DMU policy of Dignity and Respect, will not be used as part of the process. Students are also reminded of the DMU Student Social Media Policy.

Students should also note that where the university removes responses for any reason (therefore not limited to the above policies), further action may be taken where that is deemed appropriate by the university.

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