Dare to Be Mentor profiles

Some of our Dare to Be mentors have kindly provided an outline of their involvement in the scheme and their reasons for taking part.


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Andy Morris

Employability Mentoring Manager, DMU

Why did you get involved in Dare to Be?

I run employability mentoring at DMU which is a careers focussed approach to mentoring. I also sit on a steering group which manages the overall mentoring experience for students, and as part of that we launched Dare to Be. So as someone who has a voice and say on how that is setup, I thought it would be good to get involved in the programme myself and mentor students.

Tell us about the mentoring experience?

For me, mentoring is an opportunity to listen and learn from students. Take quality time to sit down with an agenda that’s not ours, and actually talk to students about the stuff that matters to them, the issues they’re concerned about, things they want to learn, what they’re interested in. Focussing on them and their particular journey.

My mentee has always said yes to meetings, turned up to meetings, been open and vocal in meetings.  We’ve talked about confidence, meeting new people at university, and I was also able to help my mentee with a job application.

What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a mentor?

It’s an opportunity to explore you, to explore other people, take quality time, reflect on issues that matter, get a fresh perspective on things, look at other people’s situation, and offer them a fresh perspective and maybe look at it in the context of yourself.

I have been able to develop my listening skills, my one-to-one skills, my empathy and my understanding of students’ needs.



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Belinda Sone

Technician, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, DMU  

Why did you get involved in Dare to Be?

I wanted to be able to do something different, give some helpful advice and have a positive impact.

Tell us about the mentoring experience?

The most important thing that I've learned from this experience is that it can take just a little bit of advice to make a big difference in someone’s life. One of the main things I got out of participating in the scheme, was being able to be a positive influence and encourage a positive attitude, to help solve or diminish a person’s problems.

I think my mentee discovered they were a lot stronger and more confident than they thought and learned how to solve problems with less stress as well as overcome challenges.

What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a mentor?

Don't be afraid of the commitment.  It's not too demanding and what you get out of  the scheme may be much more than you expect. I think a lot of people have valuable life experiences they can share, and advice they can give, which they may think is insignificant, but for that student it could mean a lot.



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Jess Bogic

Widening Participation Manager, DMU Local

Why did you get involved in Dare to Be?

I heard about Dare to Be from colleagues, and thought it would be a really interesting way to give back to students. I have a mentor myself which I have found very useful, and I wanted to do something to support students in that way.

Tell us about the mentoring experience?

I’ve gained a lot, I’m definitely more confident in approaching students and thinking about how I can support them. I’ve gained experience of being a mentor. As I said, I have a mentor myself, so I’ve taken myself into that position and it’s been useful to experience mentoring from the other side, to be able to share my knowledge and experience with a student, to allow them to use that and benefit from it.

It was a really positive experience, I hope my mentee enjoyed learning about my journey, and hopefully I was able to pass on some useful hints and tips.

What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a mentor?

Go ahead and do it, it’s a great experience. You learn a lot about yourself professionally, but also you’re able to give back and share that journey with someone else.






































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