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Whether you're new to the sport or an experienced fencer, DMU Fencing welcomes all students to join the team and train.

Fencing is almost physical chess; it combines physical ability with tactical skills as you're always trying to think one step ahead of your opponent. Fencing is a fun and social club, full of team spirit. The club is made up of a mix of students studying various degrees, and practice in all three weapons. It's a great society to join if you want to make new friends, have a laugh and keep fit.

Fencing will not only improve your general fitness, but will also develop your endurance, coordination, agility and tactful thinking.

Training times and venues

Monday - 5:30-10pm at Watershed


Coach - Baldip Sahpta

Social media

Facebook – Demon Fencing

Twitter – @DemonFencing

Instagram – @demonfencing




Visit De Montfort Students' Union (DSU) for more information and to purchase your Fencing membership.