Registering to Vote: Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not British can I vote?

Commonwealth and Republic of Ireland citizens are entitled to register in Britain. Citizens of the European Union are entitled to register and vote in local and European elections.

I’m already registered at my home address

That’s great! Although it’s worth checking that you are still registered. You are entitled to register at home and at your term-time address. At local council elections you can vote in both areas as well.

I’m not interested in voting

Voting is not compulsory, so you can choose whether to vote or not. Registering to vote is, however, a legal requirement.

What if I leave DMU part-way through the academic year or change my term-time address?

It is your responsibility to inform the Council of these changes so that your correct details are held on the Electoral Register.

I want to know more about the Electoral Register

To find out more please visit or to register directly, please visit

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