Student safety at DMU

Leicester is generally a safe place to live and study, however, we want you to be prepared should an incident happen. 

We have a number of support services in place to ensure that all students stay safe and know what to do in case of an incident. 

Look after yourself and your belongings 

PC Rich Jackson, DMU campus police officer, said: “We want you to enjoy your time studying in Leicester but in doing so remember to look after yourself and respect the neighbourhoods you live in. 

“I work with the DMU Security Team to ensure you stay safe so please don’t hesitate to drop into the campus office in Gateway House or stop me or my colleagues while we’re out and about on patrol around campus if you have a question or an issue.” 

safe routes map
Well-lit street map

Top tips on how to stay safe at university 

  • Dark nights make it easier for burglars to operate, so if you want to keep hold of your expensive equipment such as the latest Xbox or laptop you use for your uni work then make sure you keep them under lock and key.  It only takes seconds to swipe something. 

  • Keep your doors and windows locked at all times and expensive items out of view. Think about getting a timer for your lights so that the property looks occupied even when you’re out. 

  • Make sure your bike is locked up securely. Use a D-Lock through the frame and back wheel and register it on campus. Mark the frame in two places – one of which should be hidden. It’s cheaper to buy a decent lock than it is to replace your bike. 

  • Look out for your mates and plan your journey home in advance. Pre-book a taxi or make sure you have a number or have downloaded an app. 

  • If you’re a victim of crime report it to the police via 101 or online via Always call 999 in an emergency.  

Safe Taxi Scheme 

De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) and Take Me Group Ltd are launching a safe taxi scheme for DMU students to help make your evenings safer. 

The Safe Taxi Scheme will act as an emergency taxi service for DMU students to utilise in a time of need. The purpose of this scheme will allow students to get a taxi and pay later.   

Take Me Group Ltd will collect your details over the phone on booking (full name, P number, phone number) and charge DSU monthly for all trips taken by students during that month.   

DSU will then receive the student details along with information regarding their journey, including a breakdown of the total fee. 

 DSU will then charge you for your journey at a later date. 

Posted on Wednesday 21 September 2022

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