Distinguished Lecture Series: Science with Impact: Why I love bacteria

We are pleased to be joined by Nobel Prize winner Sir Dr Richard J. Roberts FRS on Friday 30 April, 2–3pm as part of our distinguished lecture series. Since winning the Nobel Prize, Dr. Roberts has been involved in organizing a number of Nobel initiatives to correct scientific misunderstandings and promote humanitarian causes. 


Image by Paloma Baytelman, 2007


Sir Richard will discuss the microscopic world of bacteria which is far richer and more complicated than the macroscopic world of elephants and giraffes.  These unseen bugs can be friends such as those that we find in yoghurt or they can be our deadly foes such as the bacterium that caused the Black Death.


He will discuss how these organisms live in and on our bodies as well as in every environment, and that without these bugs we would be unable to survive on earth, yet we know rather little about them.


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Posted on Wednesday 7th April 2021

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