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#HealthyDMU Masterclasses in the Breathing Space



The Breathing Space, at the back of the Portland Building, hosts a wide variety of masterclasses throughout the year which are available to all students.

The classes cover different topics from managing pressure effectively, building confidence and how to beat anxiety.

They are an opportunity to develop life skills and provide students with the resources that will support development and studies, helping them to succeed and achieve their potential at DMU.

There are lots of masterclasses coming up, take a look below:

Taming your inner perfectionist – This class will help you to be more successful in aiming high while using strategies for dealing with the unhelpful aspects of perfectionism.

Friday 6 March, 12pm–1pm, Breathing Space

Confidence Building - This session looks at methods for confidence building and what you can do to develop your confidence levels

Thursday 12 March, 1-2pm, KL0.07B Learning Development Zone, Ground Floor, Kimberlin Library

Be more confident -  Identify ways to improve your own confidence levels and discuss the differences between self esteem and confidence.

Wednesday 18 March, 2-3pm, Breathing Space

Get stuff done - Learn three steps to take control and move toward more successful and rewarding outcomes.

Tuesday 24 March, 11am-12pm, Breathing Space

Skills for facing life’s challenges – Identify ways to bounce back from challenging situations and overcome obstacles and set backs

Wednesday 25 March, 11am-12pm, Breathing Space
Posted on Thursday 5th March 2020

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