Stepping up our mental health game

We all have our ups and downs, and for some students who are transitioning from home life to living independently, or navigating their way through academic studies as well as other social changes, university life can be demanding and stressful at times.

#HealthyDMU puts student health and wellbeing, on campus and beyond university, at the top of our agenda. Through #HealthyDMU, we’re stepping up our focus on mental health so that our students feel mentally strong, emotionally resilient and physically comfortable about making healthy choices. And if they do need help on a down day, they know we’re here for them.

This powerful video from DMU student Marti shows how mental health issues can affect any of us at any time... be assured that DMU is here to help.

#HealthyDMU brings together a whole range of mental health and wellbeing activity to help our students navigate their way through life’s ups and downs and be in great shape mentally. Check out our weekly Masterclasses, they’re for everyone and keep a look out for more #HealthyDMU news on ways to help boost your wellbeing.

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Posted on: Thursday 29 November 2018

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