Do more on MyDMU – New tiles now launched


We’re delighted to confirm new tiles are now available on your MyDMU dashboard.


My Account Balance

Use this tile to view your DMU account balance. You will be able to see if tuition fees, scholarship, student loan or other credits/debits have been made.

My Bank Account

You only need to use this tile if you have been asked to provide the university with your bank details so we can make payments to you. This tile allows you to add and maintain one active UK bank account to ensure any payments are made to the right account. 

My Documents

This tile was released some weeks ago but two additional letters are now available for you to download at your convenience. These are:

  • Status Letter – This letter can be used to prove your status as an active student at DMU
  • Status Letter (address) – As above but also includes your permanent and term-time addresses.

Where do I go for help with the new tiles?

For each of the new tiles launched there’s a quick start guide to help you navigate the new tile. These can be found here.

If your information on the tile looks incorrect or you need additional assistance, please contact your Faculty Student Advice Centre. You can find the contact details for all Advice Centres here.
Posted on Friday 9th November 2018

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