Come to DMU's #BeTheChange event on Brexit with Nicky Morgan MP and Rory Palmer MEP


Prime Minister Theresa May has negotiated a draft Brexit withdrawal agreement with the EU. However, Brexit Minister Dominic Raab and other dissenting cabinet ministers have resigned following the announcement. The Labour Party has also announced it will oppose the deal, which makes approval in parliament very unlikely.

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Brexit – what next?

An emergency EU summit will be held on 25 November to sign off on the agreement and a parliamentary vote is expected in early December. These are incredibly uncertain times with a multitude of scenarios that could develop over the next few weeks and months, including a Tory leadership challenge to the Prime Minister, a fresh general election and even a second referendum.

So what better time to invite along Loughborough MP Nicky Morgan and Rory Palmer MEP to discuss these critical issues as the special guest speakers at our latest #BeTheChange event.

The session will take place on Friday 23 November, from midday to 1.30pm in Trinity House Chapel.

Nicky Morgan is an MP from the Conservative Party who has consistently been a crucial voice in the Brexit debate, often speaking outside party lines. She currently occupies one of the most powerful parliamentary watchdog roles as chair of the Treasury Select Committee, positioning her at the heart of parliamentary debate at a time when the role of democracy in the UK has never been under such intense scrutiny.

Rory Palmer is a Labour member of the European Parliament Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee. Rory has expressed his views on how a no-deal Brexit is simply not an option and poses trouble for the manufacturing industry, which is economically vital to UK industry.

There will be a chance to network over lunch in Trinity House before the Q&A session begins at 12.30pm in the Chapel. The event will be chaired by DMU's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dominic Shellard.

The discussion is expected to cover other key questions including:

  • What impact would Brexit have?
  • Have the public lost faith in politicians?
  • How do we heal the divisions in society?
  • Can the UK hold its position of global influence?
  • If, somehow, we ended up remaining, what would that mean for the UK and its future relationship with the EU?

Who can attend?

The event is open to all staff and students, and is especially relevant to anyone studying Politics, Law, and Youth and Communities. So we can manage numbers and catering, please register your interest by emailing ​

Posted on Tuesday 20th November 2018

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