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Group Employability Mentoring events

  1. What is Group Employability Mentoring?

    Group Employability Mentoring is an offer to attend a range of events hosted either virtually or face to face on campus where a number of students meet in small group settings with a range of mentors to discuss employability related topics. These events normally last around two hours and provide students with the opportunity to field a range of questions and listen to a range of responses from the attending mentors.
  2. Why do we offer Group Employability Mentoring?

    We offer Group Employability Mentoring to provide our students with a range of differing perspectives on industry, to meet with a variety of mentors and to experience networking so that they can compare and contrast a variety of viewpoints and also act as taster events to help prepare for their one to one mentoring should the student wish to have their own dedicated mentor in time.
  3. What are the benefits of Group Employability Mentoring?

    There are a number of benefits to Group Employability Mentoring. This offer provides students with access to a variety of professionals from industries, including industries that they aspire to go into. This offers a number of benefits including: 

    • A dedicated chance to network and meet with a range of industry professionals
    • Insight on employability from a variety of perspectives that will improve your understanding and industry knowledge
    • Opportunity to listen to other peoples questions being asked and answered that could be of value to your own journey
    • The potential to meet with someone who you might connect with a your future one to one mentor 
  4. What to expect from Group Employability Mentoring?

    If you choose to engage in Group Employability Mentoring you will undertake the first stages of the full Employability Mentoring scheme, but will not be expected to continue on to one to one mentoring if you feel that Group Employability Mentoring has provided you with all you need to progress. You will fill out an expression of interest form, and then be invited to an introduction session. Following this session you will be invited to apply for mentoring and then you will undertake an induction to prepare you for your Group Employability Mentoring
  5. What if I need support with Group Employability Mentoring?

    If at any point whilst working towards or engaging in Group Employability Mentoring you experience any difficulties and need help, the scheme staff are on hand to help. Just contact us at any point using the information at the bottom of this page.
  6. What to do next if you want to get involved in Group Employability Mentoring?

    To take part in Group Employability Mentoring, please fill out the Expression of interest Form on the link below.

    Group Employability Mentoring Form

    When we have received this completed form, we will invite you to an introduction session to tell you more about the scheme, which will help you to decide if you want to get involved. 

    If you have any questions please contact us on the options below: 

    Tel: 0116 207 8979
    Mob: 07909 000127 

If you have any questions please contact us on the options below: 

Tel: 0116 207 8979
Mob: 07909 000127