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What is Employability Mentoring?

This scheme is all about making connections with and learning from professionals who have industry experience. Employability Mentoring provides our students with the opportunity to engage with and ask questions to professionals who are willing to share their wisdom and experience with you, in virtual, group and one to one mentoring settings.  

This scheme aims to improve the employability of our students using industry mentors. We seek to do this by guiding students through four key objectives:

  1. Where am I now?

    With our mentors support we will seek to help you to clarify where you are at in relation to your own employability and its current value.
  2. Where do I want to be?

    With our mentors support we will seek to help you to identify a future vision as to the sort of professional you aspire to become.
  3. How will I get there?

    With our mentors support we will seek to help you to explore potential future pathways and the realities of working in industry using the experience, wisdom and perspectives of those employability mentors.
  4. What is my action plan?

    With our mentors we will seek to help you to set and undertake actions based on your learning to think, speak and act differently, in order to become the professional you seek to be.

Think of the Employability Mentoring scheme as a journey, which will help you as a student to grow and to learn about yourself and the world of work with the support of professional mentors. 

This short film tells you more about what we do:

Our Employability Mentoring related offers to you as a DMU Student:  


Group Employability Mentoring events

Group Employability Mentoring is a great opportunity to meet with likeminded mentors and mentees at events that we set up for you, where you can ask employability related questions to a range of professionals from industry in either general or topic / subject / industry specific group settings. Here you can learn about what these professionals have seen and done first hand, and how this has developed their careers. 

By attending and engaging these events you will listen to a range of perspectives, gathering insight and knowledge direct from the world of work, designed to prepare you for the challenges and opportunities ahead post graduation. It’s also a great opportunity to get comfortable and network with industry professionals, to learn from and act on their insight before being matched to your one to one mentor if that is your goal. 


Group Employability Mentoring events typically operate between October and March during the academic year. 

To find out more about Group Employability Mentoring events, the benefits and how to get involved click here.

Employability Mentoring (full scheme offer) 

Employability Mentoring is our comprehensive offer to DMU students wanting to access mentoring to its fullest using the support of our scheme staff. It's a proven process where engaged and committed student have seen proven positive outcomes thanks to the support of dedicated one to one mentors. Here we will guide and support you through a process where you engage in a variety of mentoring activity designed to improve your employability post graduation. Employability Mentoring as a full scheme offer typically operates separate windows of recruitment and preparation leading up to one to one mentoring. These are normally in cohorts running in September to October, November to December and January to March, with one to one mentoring allocations following on directly from each of these cohorts. 

To find out more about Employability Mentoring, the benefits and how to get involved click here.

Employability Mentoring newsletter 

Our Employability Mentoring newsletter which we release each term contains additional information about the scheme and updates from the team. Please find our most recent addition here: 

Employability Mentoring Newsletter July 2021

A quality assured Employability Mentoring scheme  

Our mentoring work is quality assured and accredited by the NCVO. For the second successive three-year period, this scheme was once again awarded the Approved Provider Standard quality kite mark in December 2018. This achievement follows our first award in 2015 and evidences a continual pursuit of quality mentoring for our participants.


Want to find out more about Employability Mentoring or have any questions? 

Contact our team using the links below: 

General email: 

Andy Morris,  Employability Mentoring Manager 

T: 0116 207 8979
M: 07909 000127
Twitter: @DMUMentoring