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Employability Mentoring (full scheme offer)

  1. What is Employability Mentoring?

    Employability Mentoring is a dedicated process designed to improve your employability as a student in a variety of ways. We do this through a multi stage approach that seeks to:

    • Develop your knowledge and understanding of employability as a concept
    • Develop your understanding of the power and value of mentoring as a tool
    • Encourage reflection and self-assessment as an on-going tool for professional development
    • Help you to define your current position regarding employability and your development needs
    • Prepare you for and then engage you in a range of group mentoring events
    • Prepare you for and then engage you with a one to one mentor to develop your on-going employability, all with the full support of the scheme. 
  2. Why do we offer Employability Mentoring as a dedicated process?

    We offer group Employability Mentoring to provide our students with a guided and supported approach to help ensure that from start to finish we invest in the student employability using a range of activities and culminating in a one to one mentoring relationship between the student and a professional from industry.
  3. What are the benefits of Employability Mentoring?

    There are a number of benefits to Employability Mentoring. This offer ultimately provides students with their own one to one mentor, which offers them: 

    • An opportunity to grow in a mentoring relationship to develop professionalism 
    • An opportunity to delve deeper into a person’s career gaining detailed in-depth advice that can be built on
    • Tailored mentoring responses to students individual enquiries
    • An opportunity to revisit actions in between meetings and review development and progress 
  4. What to expect from Employability Mentoring?

    If you choose to engage in Employability Mentoring you will guide you through the full Employability Mentoring scheme process. You will fill out an expression of interest form, and then be invited to an introduction session. Following this session you will be invited to apply for mentoring and then you will undertake an induction to prepare you for your group mentoring. Following group mentoring you will attend a one to one preparation session following which we will aim to match you to your own dedicated one to one mentor. We will monitor your progress and evaluate your learning and development throughout.
  5. What if I need support with Employability Mentoring?

    If at any point whilst working towards or engaging in Employability Mentoring you experience any difficulties and need help, the scheme staff are on hand to help. Just contact us at any point using the information at the bottom of this page.
  6. What to do next if you want to get involved in Employability Mentoring?

    To take part in Employability Mentoring, please fill out the Expression of interest Form on the link below.

    Employability Mentoring expression of interest form

    When we have received this completed form, we will invite you to an introduction session to tell you more about the scheme, which will help you to decide if you want to get involved. 

    If you have any questions please contact us on the options below:  

    Tel: 0116 207 8979
    Mob: 07909 000127

If you have any questions please contact us on the options below:  

Tel: 0116 207 8979
Mob: 07909 000127