Physical Health and Wellbeing

Many of us are worrying about the current situation around coronavirus and how it might affect our everyday lives. With the world changing around us, it is ever more important to maintain a healthy body and mind and DMU wants to support all its staff in being able to do that. As your employer, we are also extremely committed to our responsibility to ensure you have a healthy and safe environment to work in, be that in the office or, as now, at home.

This page will signpost you to information and resources to support a very important aspect of our new everyday lives:

Keeping fit, active and healthy during coronavirus

Keeping Active

Before undertaking any exercise at home please ensure you are aware of your surroundings and have enough room to safely take part in any of the activities and exercises demonstrated. Only work out to your own ability.

DMU remain as committed as ever to ensuring that all staff are supported in keeping active. DMUsport and DMU Leisure Centre have created some great exercise videos for you to follow along with at home or in the garden.

As well as the exercise videos above, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Leisure Centre is live streaming exercise classes. Details can be found on their social media channels or by downloading the leisure centre app. All the relevant links are below but note that you may be required to set up an account to access the content.

DMULeisure Facebook
DMULeisure Instagram

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Eating Well

If you’re finding yourself changing your eating habits with a new routine or if you’d like to take the opportunity to improve your eating habits, The Association of UK Dieticians has some great advice and resources to keep you on the right track.

DMULeisure are constantly creating fresh content through their Instagram account relating to eating well. You can access the DMULeisure Instagram account at the link below (account may be required).

DMULeisure Instagram


As your routine changes you may find your sleep pattern has changed too. The NHS have some online resources to help you switch off and get some much-needed rest at night.


Relaxing isn’t just about how well you sleep either. There’s plenty you can do throughout the day to help relax as well. Mind Charity offer hints and tips on how to stay relaxed throughout the day.

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