Mental wellbeing

As our ways of working change, many of us are worrying about the current situation around coronavirus and how it might affect our lives. 

The information on this page is intended to signpost you to useful resources to help support your mental wellbeing during this time of uncertainty.

DMU resources

Employee Assistance Programme

The EAP is a 24 hour counselling and information service open to all staff and their dependants, find out more in our short video here, you can log on to the EAP website by clicking here. (Username and password: enter DMU in both boxes)

In response to coronavirus and the additional challenges we are facing, the university has increased the number of counselling sessions available per person from six to eight sessions, giving greater access to a counsellor if required.

Healthy DMU

The hub is here to support your health and wellbeing at DMU. The Hub will provide you with quick access to hints and tips about staying well.

Safeguarding information

Provides information, advice and learning to staff to support their understanding of safeguarding and how they should respond to safeguarding situations.

Staff Networks

Join one of our staff networks and belong to a community where you can discuss your shared experiences and concerns, below is a list of the networks and the chairs you can contact to find out more. If you would like to join a staff network, please email

BAME Staff Network

Atika Kohli -

Sherilyn Pereira -

Hardeep Basra –

Disabled Staff and Allies Staff Network

Leanne Herbert -

Suzanne Nelson -


Jo Richardson -

Yasmin Ali -

LGBTQ+ and Allies Network

TJ Moore -

Tom Daly -

Advice on managing your wellbeing during the coronavirus

There are lots of online resources to support your mental wellbeing during the coronavirus. Below are some helpful websites that offer advice on different specific areas:

Mind charity

Provide advice for anxiety, managing stress, bereavement, panic attacks and much more. 


There are lots of tips online to support you with understanding mental health and an online interactive mind tool to support your mental wellbeing. 

Mental Health Foundation

Tips for being at home, tips for working at home and resources for talking to your children during this challenging time. 


Advice for coping with uncertainty, including relaxation and mindfulness techniques. 

Employees Initiative on Domestic Abuse

Guidance during the coronavirus outbreak on how you can support colleagues who may be experiencing domestic abuse.

Specific mental health needs

There are lots of different mental health needs that may need more specific support during this time, below are some links to helpful online resources. 

General advice on specific needs



Eating disorders


Practical steps you can take

Action plans

Create a ‘Wellness Action Plan”, these can be downloaded from a charity that support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. The action plans can be downloaded here and there are separate ones for managers and employees. 


There are lots of great apps available for you to download onto your smartphone. One of the most popular is Headspace,the app provides guided meditations, advice for sleeping better and movement exercises to help you out.

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