How to become a partner

Stage 1

When an opportunity has been identified we will undertake the initial due dilligence, set up a site visit and ensure the desired model of collaboration is attainable. Initial discussions provide the opportunity for the University to outline its approach to managing collaborative partnerships so that the prospective partner has a good understanding of what is expected.

Stage 2

The second stage will involve document submission which provides the evidence on which to base a decision to proceed or not - if the decision is to proceed then a project timescale is indicated and agreed. 

Stage 3

The next step will involve creation of the approval documentation and then drafting a contract. Furthermore the model is fully costed and the project planning is finalised. The proposal determines the type of approval event. There are three types, which can be combined in a single event or held separately:

  • Partner Approval
  • Programme Validation
  • Delivery Approval

Stage 4

Finally, the contract is signed by both parties and teaching QA monitoring systems are put into place. Once all stages of due diligence are complete, GPU prepare a summary submission to the university’s Executive Board (EB) for consideration to grant ‘approval in principle’ and endorse the timescale for the approval event.It is important for the faculty and the partner to ensure that the partnership and proposed programmes for delivery are not advertised until approval in principle has been granted by Executive Board.GPU will notify the prospective partner and the faculty of the EB’s decision and, if approval in principle is granted, indicate that the proposal may be advertised “subject to approval” or “subject to validation”.

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