How you can make a difference


The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with their targets and aim to improve the lives of millions by 2030 can seem daunting. 

What can the individual do to make a difference? That is why the Good Life Goals were drawn up – simple actions that the individual can do to help make a difference. 

The philosophy is a simple one. While one individual may not seem to be making a difference, one million individuals can. We all need to act now and help towards achieving those goals collectively. 

The Good Life Goals are tailored to the individuals, while the targets and aims of the SDGs were more tailored towards governments, major companies and public institutions such as universities. 

The five suggested actions show that you can take to make a difference towards that goal of improving millions of lives by 2030. 

Here’s some examples or simple actions and which of the SDGs they contribute towards.

  1. 1. Help End Poverty

    1. Learn the causes of poverty at home and abroad
    2. Share and donate what you can
    3. Buy from companies that pay people fairly
    4. Save, borrow and invest responsibly
    5. Demand decent wages and opportunities for all 
  2. 2. Eat Better

    1. Learn how we farm, fish and make our food
    2. Enjoy more fruits and vegetables
    3. Buy local, seasonal and fairly traded food
    4. Help children, elderly people and pregnant women to eat well
    5. Demand an end to global hunger 
  3. 3. Stay Well

    1. Learn about, and share, ways to stay healthy
    2. Wash your hands and exercise regularly
    3. Stay safe on or near roads
    4. Value mental health and well-being
    5. Demand medical care and vaccinations for all 
  4. 4. Learn and Teach

    1. Keep learning throughout life
    2. Teach kids kindness
    3. Help girls and boys stay in school
    4. Support teachers and keep schools open
    5. Defend everyone’s right to an education 
  5. 5. Treat Everyone Equal

    1. Learn and share ways to end sexism
    2. Raise kids to expect equality
    3. Respect the men and women who care for families
    4. Defend women’s reproductive rights
    5. Oppose violence against women and girls 
  6. 6. Save Water

    1. Learn why clean water matters
    2. Don’t flush any trash or toxic chemicals
    3. Report and fix leaks – big or small
    4. Save water when brushing your teeth, washing and cleaning
    5. Defend people’s right to clean water and a toilet 
  7. 7. Use Clean Energy

    1. Find out where your energy comes from
    2. Save energy wherever you can
    3. Use renewable energy for heat, light and power
    4. Buy from companies powered by renewable energy
    5. Demand clean, affordable energy for everyone 
  8. 8. Do Good Work

    1. Find out where your energy comes from
    2. Save energy wherever you can
    3. Use renewable energy for heat, light and power
    4. Buy from companies powered by renewable energy
    5. Demand clean, affordable energy for everyone 
  9. 9. Make Smart Choices

    1. Learn about plans for progress in your country
    2. Stay smart and kind online
    3. Support construction that benefits people and protects the planet
    4. Welcome innovations that make the world a better place
    5. Demand the benefits from progress are shared 
  10. 10. Be Fair

    1. Stay open-minded, listen and learn from others
    2. Support leaders who reduce inequality
    3. Protect and welcome the vulnerable
    4. Buy from companies that pay tax and treat people fairly
    5. Stand up for your rights, and the rights of others 
  11. 11. Love Where You Live

    1. Learn about, and take part in, local decisions
    2. Prepare for emergencies
    3. Get to know your neighbours and welcome new people
    4. Protect local trees, wildlife and natural areas
    5. Demand safe and good quality public transport 
  12. 12. Live Better

    1. Learn about sustainable development
    2. Reuse, repair, recycle, share and borrow
    3. Waste less food and use leftovers
    4. Collect friends and experiences, not just things
    5. Demand that businesses respect people and planet 
  13. 13. Act on Climate

    1. Learn about climate solutions
    2. Call for more renewable energy in your country
    3. Eat more plants and cut down on meat
    4. Walk and cycle rather than drive
    5. Demand leaders take bold climate action today 
  14. 14. Clean the Seas

    1. Learn about life in our seas and oceans
    2. Remember that litter ends up in the water
    3. Say no to unnecessary plastic
    4. Buy sustainable fish and seafood
    5. Demand leaders end ocean pollution 
  15. 15. Love Nature

    1. Discover the wonders of the natural world
    2. Protect native plants and animals
    3. Never buy products made from endangered wildlife
    4. Support companies that protect and restore nature
    5. Speak up for threatened forests and natural places 
  16. 16. Make Peace

    1. Learn about and use your rights
    2. Be kind and tolerant
    3. Resist corruption and abuse of power
    4. Support the institutions that support people
    5. Stand up for fairness and peace 
  17. 17. Come Together

    1. Discover and share the Sustainable Development Goals
    2. Support those who bring us together
    3. Celebrate the progress we’ve already made
    4. Get involved and volunteer in your community
    5. Help make tomorrow better than today