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Our mentoring project is all about students making connections and learning from people with industry experience.

Mentoring provides our students with the opportunity to ask questions to professionals who are willing to offer their time and experience in group, online and one-to-one settings. Here you can share your industry and career experiences with students keen to learn from you. 

By sharing your expertise you can make a real difference to their aspirations and plans for their own career, while developing yourself professionally. Our mentors benefit from the project by honing their interpersonal and communications skills and learning how to bring out the best in their mentees.

The project aims to improve the employability of our students by taking them through four key stages, asking them to consider:

  • Where they are now? We help them clarify where they are at in relation to their own employability and its current value.

  • Where do they want to be? We help to identify a future desired state as to the sort of professional you they aim to become.

  • How they get there? We help to explore future pathways using the experience and perspectives of our employability mentors.

  • What is their action plan? We help to undertake actions based on new learning to think, speak and act differently in order to become the professional they seek to be.



If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the project and express your interest using our online form.

General project email:

Andy Morris 
Employability Mentoring Manager
T: 0116 207 8979 
M: 07909 000127