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Development Evidence Log (DEL)

What is an Apprenticeship DEL?

Apprentices spend 20% of their contracted hours demonstrating the new knowledge, skills and behaviours required for the apprenticeship standard. The Development Evidence Log (DEL) helps to facilitate how to complete this part of the programme.

Why is the DEL so important?

As a government requirement, apprentices need to be able to evidence that this learning has taken place and that a minimum of 20% of their contracted hours were dedicated to it.

What can be included?

  • Scheduled learning days
  • Online distance learning
  • Simulation or role play scenarios
  • Shadowing or mentoring
  • Industry visits
  • Conference or competition attendance
  • Time spent preparing assignments

What can’t be included?

  • Training or learning outside of working hours
  • English and Maths functional skills
  • Mandatory workplace training
  • Training not related to the apprenticeship
  • Quarterly progress reviews

Where is it stored?

Evidence of the DEL is stored online in the ‘e-portfolio’ ready for the End Point Assessment. 10-20 examples will be used to showcase all of the knowledge, skills and behaviours learnt. Evidence can be in any format, using naturally occurring tasks/activities whenever possible. 

Who manages it?

The apprentice will upload the information to the ‘e-portfolio’, and it is important that they are supported by their employer and De Montfort University (DMU). At the start of the programme, a delivery model and activities that benefit both the apprentice and the workplace will be agreed.

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