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National statistics

In 2013-14, for every £1 million of government money invested in KTPs:

  • 25 new jobs were created
  • 353 company staff were trained
  • £2.2 million was invested on average by companies in plant and machinery
  • £3.1 million was invested on average by companies in R&D
  • Businesses predicted a post-project increase in annual pre-tax profit of £11.65 million*

It was also reported that in 2013-14, 90 per cent of businesses felt that the results they achieved through participating in a KTP would play a significant part in improving the future performance of their business. When asked for their main reasons for increased productivity, product sales (of either new or existing products) KTP continued to be a major factor, with improved operations and quality also proving significant.*

DMU results

Business performance outputs can vary from case-to-case, given the rich variety and nature of KTP projects. A business looking to work with De Montfort University (DMU) can typically expect:

  • Government funding that will cover up to half the project costs
  • Access to qualified people to spearhead new projects (the KTP Associate)
  • Relationships with university experts who can help to take your business forward
  • Collaboration with a DMU Academic Supervisor who will mentor the appointed Associate
  • Access to university facilities
  • Access to a fully funded project budget that will cover training, travel and equipment for the KTP

The successful projects that have been completed in relationship with DMU have seen great benefits to the companies involved. Examples of specific benefits include:

  • More than £450 thousand of new grant funding has been secured to develop Phoenix as an international arts organisation (Phoenix KTP, DMU, May 2012)
  • Design and development of a new product during the project has enabled the company to compete in new markets (Accordial Manufacturing KTP, DMU, April 2012)
  • Total of £100 thousand continued investment into Research and Development, in order to exploit the outcomes of the project (Intamac KTP, DMU, May 2013)

Take a look at our track record.


‘The project has clearly demonstrated that commitment, coupled with the right knowledge, can give you a distinct advantage. The project has been a resounding success, and since finishing the KTP, Flexpress has continued to grow quadrupling our turnover, and tripling our staff.’

Steve Wenlock, Managing Director, Flexpress Ltd.


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*KTP Achievements and Outcomes Report 2014



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