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Why work on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project?

Working on a KTP gives academics the opportunity to develop business relevant teaching and research, and apply their knowledge and expertise to important organisational problems. It can help to identify new research themes and undergraduate/postgraduate projects. In addition, work from a KTP project can be used as evidence in the increasing demand for understanding the impact of our research investment.

Time and financial commitment

KTP projects are delivered on a full economic cost basis, which means that the 10 per cent of an academic’s time involved in the project is 100 per cent funded. 

Typically, academics can expect to commit half a day of their week to a KTP project, mainly at the premises of the business partner. This is important to build and maintain an understanding of the project environment and relationships with the people involved.

Support and management

We have a team of dedicated and highly experienced KTP Officers who will be allocated to work in partnership with you to facilitate the development of the partnership.

The team will guide all partners through the application and approval process, checking the feasibility of the idea and taking the proposal forward through the following steps:

  • Completing a Grant Application and Proposal Form

The respective forms needed for the proposed partnership are completed jointly by the Company and De Montfort University. These forms will provide information about the proposed participants and their objectives, and will require detail on the anticipated work plan for the KTP Associate.

  • Consideration of Proposals

A Grant Offer Letter will be issued to the University, with a copy going to the company partner. This will normally happen within three weeks of a Partnership Proposal being approved for support.

  • Issue of a Grant Offer Letter

The acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Grant Offer Letter marks the point at which the KTP can begin to recruit and appoint their Associate.

Once a KTP project is approved, one of our dedicated KTP Officers will monitor and support the progress of the partnership.

Direct benefits of being involved

  • Apply your research to industry
  • Engage in high-level strategic interaction with the business community
  • Support graduate employment
  • Develop business-related teaching materials
  • Initiate new research projects
  • Publish high-quality research papers
  • Identify new UG/PG projects
  • Contribute to the Research Excellence Framework (REF)
  • Potential for additional collaborate work outside of the core project


'It is satisfying to see academic knowledge helping the NHS to save money and ultimately have more money to spend on healthcare.'

Dr Andrew Wright, Lead Academic, SNEY Healthcare NHS Trust KTP

'This project has broadened the advance of 3D printing. The project has strengthened DMU’s position as a leading provider of successful university and business partnerships.'

Prof. Martin Richardson, Lead Academic, Easibind International KTP


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